Reiki Demon Initiations

reiki demon

I have been writing and advocating that Reiki for over 20 years is not healing nor is it good.  I have written many posts and deleted them thinking I was being a little harsh, but when it comes to evil there is nothing else you can be.

I am not insinuating that all people who do Reiki are evil that would be wrong.

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More than 20 years ago I was attracted to Reiki as I wanted to move away from the control of the Spiritual Healing groups. Reiki Symbols are demonic implants.  I believe after I did the three initiations this what God wanted me to do for He knew I was very analytical and also would not keep silent on my findings.

On each initiation session the Reiki Master tried to give me a guide which I refused to accept the guides I already had did not want another from a differing demonic camp.  The giving of demonic guides is common practice within the Reiki community.  New practitioners are so naive and in awe of the Master they willingly accept.  A Master of what? Nothing? (Remember evil is very territorial.  Things I have done and shouldn’t have  I talk about guides.) After each initiation I was extremely ill for a few days with migraine, vomiting and general malaise.  This is not good at all this is supposed to be a Divine Initiation and purportedly from God.

What Happens During Each Reiki Initiation?

Symbols are implanted into your body and spiritual bodies by the Reiki Master, really they do this! The Reiki Master forces a controlling demon into your body and spiritual bodies.  The spiritual links connect back to a Master Demon on the Astral Plane.

Each initiation symbol in reality connects to a demon.

Would you really like to have something which looks like my first photograph inside you?

Would you like a link connecting to a demon at the top of the page?

Would you like your connection to God and your natural healing abilities bound that is blocked, restricted, suppressed and limited?

This is exactly what happens when you initiate Reiki.  This does not mean you have become evil it means you are being used.  You may not be aware of it.  They teach you that people are not born with the healing gift and with Reiki you can heal and it will not harm you.  This is a lie.  All God’s healers are born with the natural gift to heal and it is against God to use Reiki.

Reiki Practitioners use multiple differing forms of energy i.e Crystals to do their work.  You cannot mix energies and different systems in healing.  Natural Healing from God is a pure force from God without any other attachments.

What are you connecting to?

Dai-Ko-Myo – Principal Demon – Level One

The initiating Reiki symbol of any Reiki master is called “Dai Ko Mio” and is held secret and holy by a Reiki master. This is a Reiki master spirit who is summoned to open and connect someone to Reiki as a Reiki channel during Reiki initiations.  Many of the Reiki Master have no idea what this spirit is they are summoning they call it in blindness believing it is a superior being, well, I would say superior in evil for sure.

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen – Contacting Demon – Level Two

This is a second level Reiki Symbol and it enables the initiated to be able to contact others through distance spreading the demonic energy in the name of healing.

Sei-He-Ki – Guiding Demon Level Two

This also a second level Reiki Symbol which allows those who have an evil mentality to manipulate other people.  It works on other people’s Third Eye this is when I had my Third Eye Blocked.

Tjoko-Rei – Principal Demon – Level Two

This second level Reiki symbol and demon are activated to enhance the force of the energy being sent by the initiate.

No healing is being carried out at all, the Reiki Energy and their demons bind the person they are working on.  Doctors are drawn to Reiki Practitioners because they pose no threat to their work as Reiki is not effective.

Some may say Reiki heals them, all I have to say about this is Evil has its own healers.

What about the Reiki Practitioners who rave about the good work they are starting?

Those who are engrossed with Reiki and the power that comes with it are dangerous people and they lie about their true intentions.  I have seen friends naively and carelessly believe in the statements being made by these people. Purely because they know the buzz words and chat to gain recognition.

In reality what are they doing?

Example : I read about a Reiki Master going to do spiritual work with the Sea in their area.  What a joke!  Heal it? No way!

They are engrossed with Reiki its evil energy and demons they will be opening up vortices for evil to access the area.  They will be drawing demons from the Astral Planes so more evil  will be on to the earth by using their Reiki Symbols and other Reiki symbols which they have been given by the demons to use in this work.

Important when you connect to anyone on the social media you must check out their About and the Services they offer.  If they do Reiki you should walk away as you have no need for the problems they will bring you.

How do you remove Reiki?

I started to do this by myself over 20 years ago with no knowledge on how to go about it.  I managed to peel some of it away but not properly.  The more I understood how to remove demons I then wrote a procedure to cleanse it out . I sat and watched the symbols fly out.  I can write a prayer for you or even do the removal myself.

More recently I have been reading about others who have cleansed the Reiki out and sought redemption from God for being tempted to use Reiki.

The prayer below is ideal, I have also done this prayer to ensure all traces have been removed from me.  The Reiki Demons are strong as they have so many innocent people to feed off.

Further Reading

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Detailed articles about Reiki.


All too often we follow the crowd, misguided, deluded and entrapped as Reiki Masters send out their entrapment energies or scouting demons long before the initiate joins. The main focus is MONEY.

I strongly commit and believe in God and kept my faith constantly asking for deliverance and repentance for the error of my ways in all things.  I no longer follow a particular religion. I follow my truth and God’s guidance this is enough for me.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.


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