Natural Healing Journey

Natural Healing Journey

The most important part of being a Natural Healer is to heal yourself first before embarking or attempting to work on others.  When I first began my journey it was considered the Healer healed themselves from giving healing to others. “Wrong”.  This is the most volatile way of doing your training and dangerous.

Why should you heal first

It is important to clear your own issues be them health, emotional and negativity/attached demons.

This takes time to do it.  I have been cleansing for over 30 years with the last 5 years it has been 24/7.  I have not attended a one day or a week’s retreat to cleanse as it is impossible to do this.  I worked with my soul and the Divine’s Guidance.

You have to work on issues as and when they arise, that is when your soul says it is time to release it.

Unless you cleanse, make commitments to the Divine, create a good protection which deflects evil.   You are in an unhealthy state to help anyone. Whilst doing the preparation work you learn more about your gift.  As negative energy and attached Demons are transferred from patient to Healer and vice versa. This means you are creating more harm for those you work with and yourself.  This is why Healers become so ill from giving healing – they are not clean nor are they protected.

Should only healers cleanse?

Many people on their life journey choose to cleanse and they are not necessarily healers but work in a different way.  They take their commitment to the Divine and themselves seriously and make the effort to work through issues and cleanse.

I would say very few take the time to cleanse and heal themselves as it is very time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication that is right 24/7.  The process becomes a natural part of your life it is not an event you put on one side to do as and when.  It is your life.

I seemed to have no choice over the matter to do the preparation work.  I was placed in situation to enable me to do so.  It is very important if you wish to be the best Natural Healer you can be to make the effort.

My path and mission are only beginning to open up to be shown my next steps to take.

As you will have noticed evil is rearing its head all over the world, therefore, protection is paramount and cannot emphasise this enough.

I have a list of prayers on this website which can be a starting point for you to work from to create your own protection.
Self Defense Through Prayer

Being a Natural Healer takes dedication it is not an airy fairy up in the clouds past-time.  If you are exceptional then you will be faced with many obstacles which are thrown at you from evil to stop you achieving your goals or missions.  These trials should make you stronger so do not buckle under the weight of your journey.  Learn to deal with the evil and rise up above them.  Allow nothing to hold you back.

For those of you starting on this journey I am available to teach, guide and help.

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