Singing is good for you


Life can seem to be boring and you never know what will happen in a day.  Many surprising things occur in our lives.

Miss J is very vocal and often we chat but lately I have started to sing with her.  Below is her favourite song.  It all started when I got the thoughts of a tune at that time I could not think of the name of the song or the lyrics.  None of this was important, though I would not rate myself as a singer.  I began to put the sound Miss J was making “Mau” to match the tune.

Lean On Me

Miss J will sometimes sing along with me or sings her “Mau” when I pause for her.  also the words of the song are very poignant in this time for me as I have to lean on others to help me and also to bring extra peace into my life.  I have lived in isolation too long good to have good human beings around.

I am always amazed at the incredible things which happen in life with my cats.

It is the Divine manifesting my life too to help me get through a difficult time to bring closure to this phase.

I believe in going with the flow .

Simply be you, live your life simply

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16 thoughts on “Singing is good for you

  1. Karima Hoisan says:

    Nanette, I so enjoyed this thought. I too at times sing with my cats (usually one at a time) and they do wait, for me to chime in, before they continue adding theirs…The simple things can be the ones we will remember the longest, for their uniqueness in the moment.

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