Message Today from Holy Angels 5-03-2019


Holy Angels of Joy

I will channel and write a brief message from the our Earthly Mother’s Angels and our Heavenly Father’s Angels.

It is important to connect with our Earthly Mother – Mother Earth she is integral to our manifested being on Earth as every part of our physical body  is connected to her.

Mother Earth My Earthly Mother

Bless this day with you Holy Angel of Joy.

Oh Holy Angel of Joy give me your message to share for today.

Too many have no idea about Joy

Joy is a beautiful energy gentle and soothing giving a feeling of Divine Elation with out the hyped up feeling of negativity.  Anything which is extreme is negative energy.

I wish you to invite me to fill your physical and spiritual being in the removal of darkness in your lives.  Any emptiness, pocket, space unfilled will absorb negativity and bring the equilibrium down and destroy your life the one you are trying to create.

Joy is a fulfilling energy an essence of enhancement for the Soul.

Joy brings stability within your entire being grounding you through to the Earthly Mother,

Mother Earth your Earthly Mother waits patiently for your connection and also us Her Holy Angels.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville –  All Rights Reserved

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