Why I struggle on a daily basis!

I firstly would like to thank the support I receive from those I connect to on WordPress.  Very grateful and also for the words of support given to me.


Why do I struggle on a daily basis?

I am currently finishing the outside of my property in order to sell it.  It has been very difficult living in the village as a woman on her own.  The villagers find it a difficult concept.  The men have this barbaric attitude you woman and you have to marry man. Love does not enter the equation they are looking for money of which I have little or none.  They believe we foreigners have an infinity of money in the bank somewhere which they have to get their hands on.


View from my property

The past couple of days I have had an excavator to dig and level the road to make an access.  The workmen are brilliant no complaints there at all.  They actually work unsupervised which is a rare occurrence in Egypt.

The problem is the children they are very bad, but the real problem is the parents they do not care what the children do, they are feral.


See how close the boys are sat to the excavator

I went out on my roof when I saw this because I do not want the boys to get hurt. I received a lot of verbal abuse in Arabic from the boys.  The workmen have not moved them away either and there are no parents coming out to care for the safety of their children. I give up I care but I can do nothing.  These people live less than animals.


See this boy he truly is evil

A couple of weeks ago I was walking down to the local transport from my home and the boy above and a couple of his friends asked me for money.  I refused saying NO! and I do not have money.  This boy cracked me on the arm very hard.  Fortunately, on the main road was a man I knew and told him of the incident and he said he would tell the parents.  Well, that is a waste of time.  The children use very abusive words in Arabic and English to me, I wonder who taught them!

The adults in this village use the children to harm each other not just me.  Saying it is the children.  I have never known so much badness being taught by parents.

Today I observed my old neighbour (who is a very bad man) do some repairs to a wall on his property and the boys came along kicked the work down and threw the rocks on the floor.

You may wonder why I am not writing so much at the moment it is difficult to find an equilibrium.

Why I suffer from IBS and high stress levels living here.

My fortune lies with some good friends not from this village who are helping with my property.

You see evil comes in all shapes, ages and sizes. This is why we have to be vigilant and keep up our protection.

Simply be you, live your life simply

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12 thoughts on “Why I struggle on a daily basis!

  1. colettebytes says:

    Hello Nanette,

    I wish you much success in selling your property and moving to somewhere safer that feeds your heart, mind and soul. You live in a country that has many problems and many biases. Will you move to a new country, or just a new location within Egypt?
    Please find somewhere that promises more safety. Egypt is no longer a safe country for non Egyptians IMHO. I wish it were otherwise, but hope you stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Hello Colette,

      Thank you for your kind support. There are too many problems in this country it needs addressing. Though otherwise it is safer here than living in UK. I am following God’s guidance on what steps to take daily this is part of the transition phase.

      I have some very good workmen finishing off the property they bring peace with them. The village where I live has a reputation of bad behaviour which I did not know about. I have found some good people in the village and some good children but they are few.

      I will write posts on different steps.

      Grateful for your kindness and concern for me. Bless you.


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