Message for Today from Holy Angels 23-02-2019

Holy Angels of Power

Holy Angels of Power – Heavenly Father s Holy Angels

The Heavenly Father or the Divine Manifestor or Divine Light invites you to commune with His Holy Angels to be more connected with the Heavens to learn to understand yourself in the ways The Divine wishes you to work.

You all have times of being overwhelmed, it does not matter how much you pray or how strong your faith is.  There are always evil people lurking around looking for the opportunity to chisel away at our protection and strength.

Lately I have been feeling weary and tire of having to put up with the annoyance of the evil minions gnawing away at my strength and serenity.

Recently I was introduced to the Holy Angel of Power, one of the Heavenly Father’s Holy Angels. I was starting to sink a little this morning with the commencement of external work being done on my property. The thought of having to deal with the evil minions yet again, people who have nothing to do with the work taking place, but busybodies hanging around.

I called the Holy Angel of Power asking them to increase my personal power and clear me to project my power externally to move off all unwanted and uninvited away from me.  I also asked the Holy Angel of Power to increase the flow of Power from the Heavenly Father/Divine Light/Divine Manifestor through me making me more invincible than before.  Wow is all I can say the relief was immediate, I felt a buzzing within me, more in control and then one by one the evil minions went away.  Phew, who would have thought.

The Power of Prayer, The Power of the Divine, The Power of the Holy Angels and the Power from within myself.

When you are next feeling out faced by life give it a try to speak to the Divine Manifestor and ask the The Holy Angel of Power to help you.

Let me know how you get on with this!

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