Message for Today 22/2/2019

Mother Earth

Today’s message comes from Mother Earth.  Who has been caring for all those who have been chosen to live on her precious planet.

Why do you forsake me in order to partake in your selfish pleasures and in doing so you are destroying the atmosphere you breathe, contaminating the food and water you need to replenish your Earthly Body.

Your repugnant past times of horror films, books, pornography, TV and abusive life styles fill the environment and surround your mind with strong negative energies and entities.   It is you who draw this gross and coarseness into me and yourself.

I am trying to encourage you to connect with love from your soul and to reach out to my Holy Angels and combine our Soul Love to bring about the changes we have to make to create good and healthy environments for all.  Remember you are not an Island on my planet you are just one drop into the Myriad of Divine Galaxies.  We are looking for 100% commitment from you to assist the entire Universal Consciousness to pull my planet back on track full of Soul Love and Healing.

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.

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