Today’s Message from the Holy Angels

I will channel and write a brief message from the our Earthly Mother’s Angels and our Heavenly Father’s Angels.

It is important to connect with our Earthly Mother – Mother Earth she is integral to our manifested being on Earth as every part of our physical body  is connected to her.  Every grain of dust, drop of sap, water, air, sun and joy were used to make you physical body as Mother Earth’s Holy Angels were included or present in our physical manifestation.


Holy Angels of Life - Mother Earth's Holy Angels

Holy Angels of Life – Mother Earth’s Holy Angels

On this special day, one of many, as each and every day has special meaning in your life on this beautiful Earth.

We ask of you to commune with us the Holy Angels of Life to understand your life more clearly. Make time once a week to dedicate a place in your Life for us.

Life was given to you to be here on the Earth you were invited to rebeautify the Earth once again.  All our combined efforts are required to change this world.

You throw your life away on tawdry pursuits.

When your unique energy, soul love and prayers are important to help empower our Mother Earth to make the transitions for us all.

Please join us in our transitional endeavours.

Angels of Work

Holy Angels of Work – Heavenly Father’s Holy Angels

The Heavenly Father or the Divine Manifestor or Divine Light invites you to commune with His Holy Angels to be more connected with the Heavens to learn to understand yourself in the ways The Divine wishes you to work.

Your work both inner development and your physical work are to reflect the Soul and Physical Being you are.  Skill Type and Educational Qualifications are irrelevant to us.  It is your Soul gifts which are unique to you are to be applied in your inner development and your employing them in your physical daily life.

This is your work to learn how to expand your Soul Love out to those you encounter daily uplifting them as you go.  You need no actions or words just simply be you and the energy flowing from you will flow out to those who are in need.

The time is now to bring yourself into alignment with the Mother Earth your Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father your Manifestor, the Light of All Lights and the Holy Divine Law.

Simply be you, live your life simply.
© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved
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