Hidden Fears


Fears are real situations.  There are fears you can immediately relate to even though the reasoning behind the fear is not really understood, such as fear of heights, water and certain animals.  There is an inner knowing of dislike or discomfort towards these situations or issues.

Then there are the hidden fears which build up over time.  You keep finding yourself in similar difficult situations and the hidden fear is be unable to move or release yourself from the repetitive issue.

Did you resolve this issue before e.g of not being able to move on, being stuck?

In the past you managed to move on from a situation which seemed to bind or hold you in one place.

How did you do this?  You managed to release yourself from the bindings.

Now you have the same fear but in a different time and situation and you are once again allowing the fear of being unable to move on or release yourself.  The new fear is linking back to the original fear of the past.  This is the hidden fear which triggers your behaviour.  The subtle anxiety from a very strong negative energy is pushing you into a state of losing control over your thoughts, words and actions.  You may speak quite rashly which is out of character with your personality.  You may not be aware you are afraid or even realise the fear stemmed from other situations and has now built up into a crescendo simply because you did not close off the previous situations properly.

You have to acknowledge the fear to recognise it for what it is and look for the root cause of the fear too as this has to be brought to an end and closed off firmly.

There is nothing and nobody who can stop you from moving on except yourself.  Fears tie you up in knots. It blinds your thinking and natural behaviour.

You may find this Self-help Course I wrote on Accepting and Releasing help you in working through some of your fears or other issues.

Accepting Releasing Issues Course

Fear 2

You will also require guidance from the Divine to do a daily step by step program to move on and to do it safely in some situations. The Divine takes secure and positive steps in guidance which must be adhered to in order to achieve your desired goals, which is to be FREE of the Fear which holds you back or traps and locks you into paralysed situations.

Now take a deeper look at the issues you feel are blocking you or you have no comprehension the fear exists, open it up, you can do this to view what is controlling you.

When you acknowledge you have found a hidden fear you are almost done, accept it and release it.  Open yourself to Freedom and liberation.  Remember to fill the space with Soul Love and Joy.

Simply be you, live your life simply
© 2019 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved



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