All that Glitters is not Gold

Fools Gold

All that glitters is not gold, like the photo of the fool’s gold above in reality it is Pyrite.

I was too focused on creating the “Dream” I was fooled by an illusion of what appeared to be perfect and in fact it was far from perfect.

I was very much deluded into thinking this is the perfect place, the view, the air, the sky was great.  It would be perfect for the right people but not for me. The right people will just blend in without any problems as they will be less sensitive and not notice the intricacies like I do.

Why not perfect for me?

I am too sensitive and once I could see past the illusion the energy was too coarse.  The inhabitant’s way of life too harsh and closed-minded.  The intolerable energy of greed, the idolisation of money became too much for me.  The people wanted me to go down to their level and this is not an option.  I adhere to the Divine Manifestor’s guidance, and I can laugh at this too.  If only, I had researched more before taking the plunge. I would have seen the illusion and the false image which was created did not exist. I still would have healed myself but with less harassment and stress.

Other allusions were put in place to create a false sense of belonging and goodness in the area.  There are few good people but the rest did not quite come up to the mark.  Again, my sensitivity encouraged me to put up barriers and isolate myself.  This I had to do saving myself, sanity and sanctuary which is my home.  I created an inland island with my property.

Extra care has to be taken these days

When the society you live in is showing warning signs extra care has to be taken.  You just cannot allow anyone to enter your home, the central domain and sanctuary is a sacred place and must be respected as such.  I have got to the point where I no longer care who I offend as they offend me more.

The veils were beginning to be torn down.  Those hiding on the pretense of friendship, ones which were bought by the way. I sit back a patiently analyse the scenarios, eventually the serpent’s heads emerge. I am no longer shocked by betrayal it has become a common part of life these days as good people are few and far between.  It is good to know who you can no longer trust. The devil’s advocates. These people are cheap they sell out for a bit of money.

The lesson from this is especially if you are unfamiliar with the area and people is to research, talk to people to find out about the areas, observe and analyse, which is my normal practice but why I failed to do this here is beyond me.  I really well and truly dropped myself in it.  I suppose I trusted the person at the time who was a “friend” and definitely no longer welcome into my life again.  A friend with an ulterior motive which I was unaware.

Important to ask the Divine if you are going in the right direction is this where I should be.  I often forgot to ask permission to do things as I was too sure about what I was doing. Wrong!  Always check in with the Divine on all things each step of the way to avoid mistakes.  What is right for one person is not necessarily right for another.

As I keep saying do everything step by step, asking the Divine if you are headed in the right direction and what is the next step to be taken. Definitely will save you a lot of pain and stress.  It is through my current experience which I learned to ask the Divine before doing anything at all.  Thanks to the Divine I am able to change this situation.

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2019 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved.










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