Learning more about God

Joining Souls

I am always praying and talking with God and the Divine.  I desire to learn so much to understand myself and those who I care about deeply.

I try to understand more of what God desires of me too.  I constantly search even the internet to check on history.  I used to go to Church every week, and went to a Protestant School in Australia.  We were fortunate at our school the Head Mistress was a very open-minded a woman I respected so much.  In our religious studies we were encouraged to learn about other religions.  We had a bright young student teacher with us at the beginning of term and she spoke with great enthusiasm about Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.  I was enthralled with these subjects.  We started with just brief introduction on each and then as the year progressed the subjects became more detailed.  This was the beginning of my becoming more understanding and tolerant of other’s beliefs and religions.

We moved to the UK and I went to Church there, I loved going to church and then things started to become clear to me as to the foundation the church we went to was not built on goodness but badness.  I could see from my Father being the treasurer that on the financial side the issues were ones of greed.  The Synod always upped the funding if the congregation wanted to keep the church open, I believed this was improper.  Hypocrisie was a high point within the congregation so I left the church.

I still continued to believe in God and Jesus/Yeshua and prayed.

I would ask God to show me the bad things in the Bible and he did, the Old Testament was full of dark stories.

Out of curiosity I asked God if He had a name, I was sure He did.  The answer came back


I laughed, surely not Dear God and then I saw the joke.

“All Your Wishes”

This brings me to now and I always question everything and I am not stuck in a box accepting everything put in front of me verbatim.  Thank you, but I can think for myself and I do not require a mediator between God, the Divine and me.

Again I started to search for where the word God originated, it was the Greeks who started this name.  It is something which does not sit to well with me.  I was looking for His name a more definitive name which had some meaning.

Listed below are some of the lesser known names for God

The Light

Light of All Lights

Holy of All Holies

The Oneness

Great Spirit

Great Mystery

The Divine

The Sacred

The Divine Manifestor

I find I can accept any of the above they all have a descriptive meaning.

The Divine Manifestor is where God manifests His desires into being, the thought comes and so it appears. Simple.

Whereas the God of Darkness, Satan is also refered to God and this causes confusion.

God of Darkness creates it is a physical act of making something and then using magic brings it to life or into being.

This iw my opinion only and I am no way suggesting you have to follow my thinking it is up to you in how you view things.

I am opting for Divine Manifestor and I already use in prayer Light of All Lights and Holy of All Holies. The reason being is The Divine Manifestor, manifested my soul it is pure energy with all my gifts and wisdom included.  There was not cut and paste to be done, or a statue made of me.  Pure Energy this is the Soul as manifested by the Divine.

I know and accept many people who are all walking toward The Divine keeping to the Divine Laws.  There are many paths which lead to there.  You do not have to adhere to a religion, but if you do I equally respect you for this.

Even though I get criticised by those from my religion for not adhering to a religion I found out moded for me.  People need to allow others to be who they are.  You have no idea what their calling is and how they have been taught by The Divine on the approach they have to take.  Those who genuinely work for the Divine are unique and work uniquely.  They are not clones who just follow and repeat what is put in front of them.  You need to step out of the box and link directly to the Divine.  Analyse everything do not allow yourself to be force-fed or bullied.

There are many beautiful people out there from all walks of life being rigid cuts you off from experiencing the beauty which makes this Earth.

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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