Suffering to Salvation


God’s timing and choices are so difficult to understand.

I grew up in Australia and life was, perhaps say normal, things were good and had many supportive friends and families.  We all seemed to connect in a good way as I thought.  Then in my early teens as my mother desired to return to the UK to be with her family, as there was no family like it, that is for sure there is no family like it nor will there ever be again.

From arrival in the UK I could not stop crying I was so homesick for Australia and what was. God had chosen the UK to be the beginning of my suffering and also for my Father. If my parents had decided not go to the UK there is no getting away from what has to be the suffering has to take place.  It is a phase in all good people’s life.  They have to suffer to learn, to grow closer to God or the Divine to become dependent on God or the Divine and not material and false states of being.

Only the good suffer because we know God or the Divine, we know the difference between good and evil.  So we have to be tested to grow and increase our understand of  God, life and people. To release all the baggage we have collected over the years and perhaps lifetimes.

What or Who is the best to create suffering?

Evil is the best at creating suffering.  We are placed in a situation where there are a lot of evil people to make you suffer.  Though there will be good people brought in to help ease the journey somewhat.  I was lucky one Aunt and Uncle were very kind in my mother’s family and they too were having a difficult time from having to interact with the relatives.  I did not get to see my Father’s family often as they were my type of people good, kind and gentle.  I was psychically attacked too by people working with demons and they created the cycles.  Each cycle had the same programme but gradually became worse and more unbearable.

At the places I worked I managed to have kind and understanding managers who could see the real me.  God was good to me in this respect and I quickly moved on if they were not. God would tell me to leave.  People in general I interacted with were not good.  They were users most of them. I started to isolate myself from people.  Many times I hit rock bottom financially too, but somehow I would manage to land back on my feet.  It was by the grace of God I survived.

Everything I had on an emotional level was taken from me. Disastrous marriage and eventually my son was the final straw, so many times I picked him up and dusted him down to only have him turn against me as he turned against God or the Divine.

With nothing of value left in life I no longer cared.  This is when I drew closer to God or the Divine.  I was given step by step instructions on how to leave the UK which had to be strictly followed as timing is important.

Trying to Ease the Suffering

I often visited Egypt.  The climate helped my many health conditions as you can imagine there would be too many living in a suffering environment. On my visits I found the people friendly. I knew a friend for a few years and decide to move to live there. They said they would help me, ha, they helped themselves.  Their family was like dogs fighting over food.

I thought I was suffering in the UK umm, well I went through all the cycles and situations but more so again.  I would review what was happening compared to what had happened.  The situations presented themselves again but the lessons were very hard. I prayed daily for guidance on how to deal with life here. Again it did not matter what I did try to turn my life around it failed and this is not a country where you can pick yourself up easily.  I was stripped of my finances and by the grace of God or the Divine I survived.  I learned what being frugal really meant.

Many times I prayed to God to take me as the journey was so hard.

“You keep on allowing people to punish me, well let’s get it over and done with as God you seem to have no need for me.”

I would calm down and find purpose in my life, one was interacting with dear friends on WordPress.  You dear people were brought in to keep me sane.

God brought in people at various stages of my life here, good people to help ease the pain and suffering a little.

Have Things Started to Change?

A couple of years ago God or the Divine brought a person in who is the same kind of person as myself.  We were helping to heal each other.  Then they were taken way as like me they were going through suffering.  We had to grow by ourselves to learn more about life and release the past suffering to find peace and strength within God or the Divine to be one with God or the Divine. We had to be 100% with God or the Divine following His guidance strictly and timing again is all important.



By the grace of God and the Divine my salvation has started.  It took four years of suffering, self-healing, self-building before the suffering completed. It is why I do not believe in time and calendars because they make life depressing. Everyone is hopeful come a “New Year” and quickly disappointed when things do not happen on time.  God or the Divine have perfect timing and it does not fit into the manmade calendars.  Natures timings are accurate such as Winter Solstice and how it affects our life and being.

This month for me and many other good people is a time of closure from the Full Moon to the New Moon.

If you are good and at a really unbearable point in your life know your salvation is so near.

Hang In There, I Did

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2019 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


20 thoughts on “Suffering to Salvation

  1. Child Of God says:

    I am truly sad but I think you are misguided. I live you in Christ Jesus and He lives you much more then anyone ever could. Let me speak as an old woman that suffered a lit. I have seen Gods hands only because He allows suffering as you say, to help us grow but. GOD IS love and He loves good and bad that is why Jesus died, not for for the good but for the sinners. Please buy a book about God’s love . I pray you dont stop follow me but that we can exchange ideas and more. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Child Of God says:

    I am sorry but I disagree with the utmost respect unless I misunderstood what you wrote then, I apologize. Did you say that only the good suffer? If so. All suffered even the most evil can suffer. I must have missunderdtdlwhat you wrote. I go back and read it again. Ty

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      It is all right, I understand. Evil is excellent at making other evil suffer nothing better at doing this. I have no interest in this. My path and mission is only to help the good from all walks of life. I follow God’s guidance daily on what I should do in His Name.


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