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Many years ago when my life seemed to go from one trauma to the next.  I was always crying often crying myself to sleep from enduring the unpleasantries of family and so-called friends.

Crying is good to release the anguish and pain being endured but also it can be a sign of weakness of  not having the ability to shrug off other people’s bad behaviour.

I found crying was draining if not exhausting.

As a Natural Healer I was becoming too emotional with clients, this was not good for them or me if I kept welling up with tears. I needed the focus and energy to help with their healing.  Feeling tearful and sorry for them is not a good state to work in.

What did I do?

I spoke to God because all the Healings and my life experiences were starting to be too much.  The floods of tears as I said earlier were tiring and time-consuming.

I asked God to make me dispassionate that is to control my feelings to stop me from crying.  Only allow emotions of personal importance and those who are close to me in my life affect me.

God granted me this request, so I rarely cry now even if I feel I should, it just does not happen.  I find the energy being moved in a different way.  It also makes my life as an Empath much easier too.

I still have much compassion and soul love to give to others in this world but can do so without becoming weakened.  It means I am in a better position to help others and able to think clearly.

There are too many people who turn on their taps to create a fake drama drawing attention to themselves. I have no time for these crocodile tears people.

Knowing the difference between the genuine person in emotional pain or tears of elation and the play actor is important.


Simply be you, live your life simply

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