Inspired by Debby

spiritual water 2

Debby often inspires me to write and I enjoy adding to her comments with my inspiration.

We have times when we seem to lose ourselves and have to take time out to replenish or restructure. Life loses its meaning; refocus is necessary to recoup the Divine Energy we so willing give to others. To drink from Divine Waters which are freely given to us daily but we forget to nourish ourselves.

I have been doing this for sometime now taking time out to research to get hold of where I should be going.  Life and people who are on my peripheral environment seem to try to overshadow and squash me to stop me from being me and doing the right thing by me and ultimately God.  This makes me become dispassionate and empty.  Dispassionate toward these people I must as they have no regard for me only for their own greed and selfishness.

I save my passion and soul love for those who are dear to me and worthy of my God-given energy.

Have a good day and place your affections where it is received and returned.

© 2019 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Inspired by Debby

  1. Karima Hoisan says:

    Very well put Nanette… spending much time with those who suck the energy from the air, instead of mixing theirs with all the others, can be so draining. Finding those souls who inspire and encourage and accept us as we are, can be a difficult quest…but oh…so rewarding:)


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