Pulled in so many directions


These past few weeks have been confusing and too much to think about.  Choices of Path directions many new coming into view.  I was happy before knowing there was one possibly two choices to pick from.

God reminded me that part of my mission was to help and bring guidance to all Good Souls and I kind of slipped into the Christian way again after walking away from it years ago.  Please do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong in being a Good Christian.

It is important to be able to communicate to everyone and so many people have varying beliefs and they walk God’s way and paths. They have to know, they too belong to God or the Divine.

purple 5 (2)

The other evening I was sat out on my balcony enjoying the starlit sky when the night sky opened and I was given a vision of the myriad of Universes and Galaxies our Universe is a part of.  It was incredible and I felt so humbled to have been shown this magnificence.  At times I just do not know what to say words fail me and all I can do is absorb the vibrations which surround me.  Where I live in Egypt, near Aswan  the sky is amazing it has very strong spiritual connections to the greater cosmos.   The cloud formations are indescribable they are full of magic from God the night sky is awesome and as I walk up to my home I stop gazing at the majesty before me.

All of this has brought in a new guardian from my home galaxy which is lifting me up in a different direction to bring me onto my path and missions.

purple 5 (2)

I know many of you are aware or becoming aware of your connections with the All.  Each Galaxy has their own Ruler, you could call them Lords and Ladies of the Most High. They are part of a greater counsel which serves us all and God the Divine Creator.  The few Empaths are the descendents from these Galaxies.  Within each Galaxy there are planets and there are life forms on all.  You may not recognise them as life or beings as we know it.  Many are pure and powerful manifestors.

purple 5 (2)

I am also being pulled by Egypt’s Soul and the River Nile to work and create specialised healing.  Egypt before the pharaohs and kings was one of the most spiritually powerful countries on Earth the beings at that time walked strictly in the ways of God the Divine. Below are samples of their creations in Gold.

I also have personal desires I would like to fulfill.  We have to remember our life though may be dedicated to healing and helping others progress with their lives, we are entitled to have enjoyment, relaxation and part-take in things which just please us.

All these directions are bubbling up at once for consideration.

I have good friends who wish to create Responsible Tourism in Egypt, I have known them for a few years and always been able to count on them.  For me they are special people, honest, hardworking and have good reputations within the village we live and among past tourist who have traveled with them. I also would like to help them as they really deserve to have their dreams flourish. Currently we are at the design stage.

I have been feeling somewhat foggy of late and this is the reason why.

Be prepared, now is the time we are being pulled into preparation phases, and can be overwhelming at times. Take small steps and analyse as you go along.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved




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