Disturbing My Serenity

Water lily

I sit here amidst my spiritual waters bathing and caressing my soul and mind.

I glimpse at the gifts the Divine bestow on me.

Yet you are determined to rattle my serenity by throwing boulders at the Water Lilies or Lotus Flowers which bloom in my spiritual waters.  Their essence and perfume raise my spirit and soul’s vibrations.

You keep sending your meraudering minions to unsettle or harm me.

Enough I say, enough, no more.

I NOW return every boulder you throw at my spiritual waters and me with a force greater than my smashing a tennis or squash ball into your gut so your minions will remember to keep away.  If not, the force will be increased until they are rendered powerless.

Soul Love is to reign again on this Earth our temporary planetary home.

Kindness is the normal fuel of the day ignited by Soul Love.

Healing and encouraging to the Good Souls who are battle torn from dealing with evil.

You state to me,  who do you think you are?

I, like all Good Souls standing firmly with God The Divine, I accept no more nonsense and evil being thrust at me for your amusement.

Remember this well, God The Divine has the power not you.  He has you in His sights, Oh yes.

I NOW return to my serene spiritual waters with Lotus Flowers whose roots go to the depths of the beginning of time.

I AM Peace and I AM Soul Love.

I AM One With God The Divine and All there is.

Water lily

I NOW radiate Soul Love and Warmth from the Sun and the Holy Sun Angels to all the Good Soul who are in need of this sustenance.

Simply Be You, Live Your Life Simply

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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