Positive Thinking are You?

Negative and Positive

Positive Thinking are you?  Oh I forgot it is called “Mindfulness” now!

Sigh I tire of the “buzz” words and they spread like wildfire across those who will swallow anything without a thought.

Positive Thoughts

Where do they come from the Soul of course when they can manage to battle their way through all the negative ones produced by your mind and other negative attachments. Negative Attachments??? Oh yes indeed demons who will whisper sweet nothings in your ears to distract you.

What of Mindfulness?

It is about being Positive and Positive Thinking.

You cannot be mindful or positive unless you connect to your soul one does not happen without the other.

Being Positive in brief

  • Watch the way we speak and always use positive and encouraging words.
  • Watch how we behave being kind and polite.
  • Appreciate and be grateful for the smallest things given or done.
  • Take note of our feelings as being self-positive is important.
  • Speak positively, kindly and politely about ourselves so others will do too.

Why not be Soulful?

I suppose that does not include everyone now does it.  Being Soulful is the answer to being more positive.  Too much emphasis is given to the mind.  As for memory this also is recorded in the Soul.  So what do you think of the mind now – interfering busybody entity. It is no more than that.

Where does Positivity within the Soul Originate?

Positivity within the Soul originates from God through prayers.  Your soul needs prayers to flourish, commitment and connection to God.  The Soul yearns for this.  When you have an inner yearning this is what your soul is craving, God the manifestor the one who created your soul.

The Soul constantly gives positive advice and often relays advice from God be it in prayer time or just talking to God.


This is for soulless people you know the unkind and harsh people but it is wasted on them.  As they are neither mindful or positive.  You see, those who define the new terminologies have a problem, a big one in that too many people are mind centered and not enough soul centered.  They have to create something to include everyone after all they want your money at the end of the day.  We are conditioned by society from a young age that everyone is good and has a soul.  This is far from the truth.

Do you ever ask the question what kind of person could do that horrific act or produce pornography to lure innocent minds or do sex trafficking of  children? (This is just an example)

I hope you do not think they are good people!  Good people with a soul!

It can only be evil people with an evil entity within them.  Impossible to change these people and they were not created by God but by Satan.

Let’s Go Back to Positive Thinking and Soulfulness

We have no need to dress-up Positive Thinking.  Positive Thinking is simple in its truest form.

We must have more soulfulness with good people connecting to their souls instead of their minds. 

Remember the mind needs meditation to connect to the negative networks.  It must be negative and bad because so many do it.  If it were good for you like prayer less people would be interested.  Once you start meditating you become overshadowed to keep you there. (Overshadowing is having a demonic entity to control you to take you down paths you know not where)

I have not been able to meditate that is one thing God saved me from and I am grateful for this.


Be Positive, speak kindly to yourself and others!

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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