Fallen Angels, What are they?

Fallen Angel

What is a Fallen Angel, originally they we all angels of God and then a group led by Lucifer came down to Earth, they had begun to experiment with creative energy and became very adept at creating what is known as Chaos or Evil. They moved from the Heavenly Realms to live in the Hidden Regions on Earth, other Planets and Astral Plane.  They knew how to reverse a lot the good creative work of God turning it into evil to create chaos on Earth and other spiritual realms.

Everyone loves to work with Angels including myself unfortunately Angel Cards have become all the rage or fashion shall we say especially among women.  I know I was drawn to them I had many packs of the Archangel and Angel Cards, expensive they are too to buy..  It was out of desperation and looking for clues or inspiration to keep focused. Mistake!

I had just finished clearing all the demons and negative entities out of my life and I so wanted to keep my focus and receive guidance as I thought and chose to do this through the cards.

The cards are not impressions of Archangels or Angels they are demons.  NO Archangel or Angel of any worth will pose for a painting or picture they have no requirement to do this and it is not part of the rules they have to follow.  These cards are to appease you lustful nature in your ego.  The cards often depict Archangels or Angels very scantily clad this is not what they are about.  Evil and the demonic realms are about illusion and delusion they like to lure their prey in whatever way they can.  Below are some examples of Fallen Angel Cards:

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The pictures are very ugly indeed.

What happened when I focused on the cards?

I noticed one evening that some demons in shadow form walk from the room I was sat in through the wall into the next room they were about six or so shoulder to shoulder. Like photo below:

shadow people

I could not believe it I worked so hard in cleansing and clearing and for this to happen.  It was focusing on the entities in the cards that brought them into my home I was giving them permission to be there.  Remember a demon cannot enter your home unless you invite them, be them spirit or a person.

What did I have to do?

I had to burn the cards repeat the clearing and cleansing, lessons learned!

Below are demons in their real form.  Would you really want to ask help from any of these?  No, I would not.  These are the creatures who find your lost items, anything to get you hooked into their lair.

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What is the appearance of Holy Archangels and Holy Angels?

The Holy Archangels are so huge not even the Holy Angels below them can see their form, again how do the artists manage to replicate the images as we are such a long way from the Holy Angels.

We see rays of energy being transmitted around us and especially into our homes.  The rays are sent to give reassurance and comfort to let you know you are not alone.  The more clearing I have done and prayers committing to God Divine the more my home is filled with beautiful rays or orbs of all colours.

I have tried to create picture of what they look like, flashes of colour cross the ground outside or on the walls of my home.

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Raise your thoughts to God and not to the Angelic Cards all of them have been created through impressions of demons. Bin or preferably burn them.

I hope this may help you clear some of the chaos in your life.

© 2018 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Fallen Angels, What are they?

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Your experienced in dealing with these things then. I have had many years of dealing with psychic attack and it does not linger in shadows of our emotions. Unless you clear it out it will take you over. I have helped so many people with these problems.


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