Everyone Has A Heart

Everyone Has A Heart

Heart Organ

Not Everyone Has A Soul

Joining Souls

All Humans have a Soul this is what makes them different from the others the minions of darkness.

Humans are compassionate, sympathetic, kind and caring though not perfect everyone makes mistakes and do wrong things in life.  The minions of darkness are there to trip us up on the way.  They are the ones who convince us it is all right to sin when we know deep within us it is not all right.

The minions of darkness are soulless that is right, well what is in them if they do not have a soul, they have a demon entity in their lower physical cavity, they are the ones who have gut feelings and revel in a depraved life of anything goes.

With the distinctions in place what is the main point here?

More than ever God is calling or pulling HIS Souls back into line.  It does not matter what you have been doing or how you got lost, God understands all sides of the story.

It is time to reconnect with God firstly by redemption, repentance and prayer.

Does this mean you have to start following a religion, no! It means you have to start walking in God’s ways.  Many people are walking in God’s ways through their chosen religion or belief system, also people are naturally walking in God’s ways without religion they just are.

When and how you got lost what does this mean?

It means your soul is still perfect unharmed but your spiritual bodies i.e. your aura has demonic attachments in it which influence your thinking they shroud your soul with darkness and falseness so you cannot see the truth.  The shroud or layers of darkness and demons have to be removed from your aura and physical body. This is done through repenting and praying to God and Jesus Christ/Lord Yeshua.  God can see the brightness of your soul through all the shrouding and He connects to you and is pulling you out of the toxic mire. There are many good souls working for God who are looking to assist those who became lost in different ways. Everyone has their specific role to do, reach out for help.

The New Age – Religion of Darkness

The New Age movement has been responsible for turning good people away from God’s ways.  They are a movement of where anything goes, it is all right to do whatever they appeal to hedonistic and depraved people.  They are always looking for new terminology to appear progressive and cause confusion.  More important they wish to pull the humans down into evil.  Remember evil is very subtle.  Those who follow the New Age are gullible they swallow everything hook line and sinker without question.  They have weak minds ones which can be easily molded into changing their thinking and like all the hype which goes with it, but on returning home are left feeling flat and empty as this is what they went for the illusion and were stung for money, which fed the New Age presenters.

The New Age is full of life coaches, spiritual gurus of differing nationalities, natives who give the illusion of being highly spiritual and people who pretend to be natives.  They revel in deluding the innocent and gullible.

You have to start thinking for yourself and question everything!

Who can you turn to for the truth?

There is only one and that is God, to find your truth.

If you are feeling the call and the pull to get back in line then do it NOW!


It is so simple to do a prayer from your Soul.


The Soul loves to connect to God through Prayer.

Prayer is the only way to connect to God.

Meditation is New Age way to connect to the network of darkness.


Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved





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