Seek the Truth


Today many are looking for the Truth.

Many years ago I dedicated myself to God to be a Truth Seeker, that is, I always want to know the Truth even if it hurts.

I see too many young people who have become affected by society, the celebs, those who profess to know it all.

I also note Liars believe Liars this is why confusion, chaos and lies fill the mind of the people leading them astray.

My solution and advice on all of this.  For absolute Truth, seek God and speak to Him.  This is what I do.  I do not go around looking for Truth which are spurious Lies under every nook and cranny.

The people I follow and read their posts also seek the Truth and speak from knowledge of God.  If I find they are false I dismiss them.

I can post the most amazing pictures from Images to give you a false perception of life.  Wow that picture is amazing.  All it means is that I or the person who has googled the photograph knows their way around the system. The photograph does not represent the Truth.

Speaking to God requires connecting to your Soul.  It is easy to discern those who speak from the soul to those who speak from the mind. A soul centered person you can feel the beautiful vibrations or passion and the mind is empty and cold or just parroted or copied words from another mindless person.

Do you want to know the Truth?  Seek God and you will know the TRUTH.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Right Reserved

3 thoughts on “Seek the Truth

  1. Shell. Dowling says:

    I agree, for are we all not just a “God” particle/piece of Our beloved Creator anyway? Once we truly accept our “inner self” and know it fully, therefore we are connected to Our Creator also in all grace and glory. Seek and ye shall find, pity too many humans in this world today are fearful to do that and seek what is outside (the material-non lasting), not the inside (the spiritual-ever lasting). Thanks for sharing Nanette. Great to make your acquaintance mate!

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