TIMING is all important factor when considering the delays or setbacks you are experiencing. Like you I try to push forward into something better and face endless setbacks.

Researching my next phase in my life to make informed decisions on which path to take.

First path everything connected to it was too difficult.

Second, I felt this is the right one, but setbacks here were holding me back. Thank goodness. There were two choices and if I had not had setbacks here I would have found a lot of problems and disappointments.

Setback are for a reason often for your own good as something better is going to present itself. You have to allow things to flow.

Another point with Timing is for you to achieve your goal or desire it may involve say another 20 people and they must have their lives synced with yours. Bit like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces have to fit.

If you push and become impatient you may end-up with the wrong person being involved in your life and definitely regret this. Be grateful for the delays and the timings to be put in place like I am at the moment saved me from big disappointments.

You also have to take into account the people close to you, your wife/husband, partner, children who may also be involved with your goal.  Their lives and others impact your setbacks or delays.  When you analyse what is happening with achieving your goal/s you may have to work through issues within your family.

You have to take note of the people who God is pushing out of your life who have no future with you and they are not going along for the ride either.

Be watchful and mindful of all situations around delays and setbacks.  They are usually for a good reason.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “Timings

  1. mostpopularhashtags says:

    You can me anymore right on target. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about this earlier tonight…

    I don’t even know how you got in my inbox to tell you the truth this is really weird that this happened. You hit the nail right on the head at a point in my life when I was needing the encouragement.

    So stupid for saying this, but I feel like you wrote this for me. I signed up for nanowrimo last night. I was still trying to tell myself somewhere inside that it was the stupidest thing I could have done I’m going because I’m going to have to run like a chicken with my head cut off to get everything in place for this book. I know it’s a best-seller, and I see the whole movie in my head, but I’m just not experienced enough what books to know that I can do it for sure…

    I also happen to know that it’s a $600,000 marketing strategy all the jump if I ever ties, because I know numbers and I know what I’m working with…

    Not to mention that I just figured out traffic, after getting a certifications and search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and some other ones. I’m working towards a micromasters and digital marketing,

    I know that my American rap critic brain is going to go far because I’m getting traffic for the sole purpose of bringing fans and hip-hop and rap artist together so that they don’t miss each other. That can create revenue streams, open up doors, and even make or break musicians by getting more eyes on their product, and I care more than them because I failed and I know that’s going to feel like if they do….

    Not to mention my cousin just told me that he’s in another band which I know will be phenomenal because the last one made me cry because I was proud of him, and they’ve got unreleased demos. It’s like everything’s coming to a hat at this one point in my life when I’m so scared to go it’s making me shake inside

    But people need me. And I want this book. I want my friend. And I’ve been acting stupid Across The Mating, making excuses, failing….

    Thank you!

    I’m about to take over this whole gameplan and own it… And I have you to thank!

    Thank you! And thank the forces that be for bringing us together and all these amazing levels in life so that we can find each other!
    Come by anytime and if you know any artists that want their work seen by tons of people, the way I pick keywords that’ll take about 6 months, and if they’re good I’ll be more than happy to put them on my website and build some content for them!


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