How Do I Make A Move?

Steps 2

How do I make a move or change?

How can I achieve my goal?

We all ask this one.  You do not know the next step or you are floundering around trying to think of ways forward and it is just not happening.  Oh yes !

What do I do and recommend to others is to ask God?

Ask God you say but how can He help?  We need someone here in the physical an expert to speak to.

Well have you found one who is more expert or knowledgeable than God?

After all who gave you the dream and gifts – God.  Obviously He knows what you have to do to get there.

What can I do?

Every morning when I wake-up I ask God

  1. What step or steps do I have to take to bring me closer to my goal?
  2. What work would you like me to do for You today?

The answers

God tells me the precise steps I must take to get closer to my goal.  Perhaps it is just one step or maybe a few but once these steps are complete there is nothing else to be done for that day.  God does not expect us to go over our limitations, abilities and health constraints.

God will also tell us the work He would like us to do.

  1. Give someone help.  The kind of help will be very apparent
  2. Write about advice God would like others to know
  3. Write Self-help on a particular topic
  4. The work is unlimited so be prepared to put time aside and complete it

Are the steps difficult ?

Steps 1

I find it hard to understand why taking steps to achieve our goals are always shown as steep and difficult to climb and the person crawling up them.  No need for this.

Each step or steps are just outside your comfort zone.  Your not climbing up an impossible ladder to get there.  Each step God gives you is achievable for that day.

Every day your expanding your comfort zone slightly which is not too much to ask is it.

Stepping Stones Choices

You could very well end up at a junction or a crossroads in your life.  You have options in which direction you wish to go.

  1. You are given information to analyse an option and you may feel, YES this is the way forward.  During the analysis you discover things you really do not want to handle in your life. You have to rethink, what then?
  2. You are given another option to review and research, this may not have been your first choice, perhaps now it is looking to be more viable.
  3. God has given you the choices and you have to feel comfortable with the final decision.  The decision has to be yours.

Now you have decided

Again you continue with asking what steps to take and you proceed until you have achieved your chosen goal. God will take you step by step to where you are supposed to go.

Stepping Stones 1

You are flowing with the waters of life.  God being the water of life.

I know this method works.  I worked step by step with God to get me out of a very difficult situation.  The steps were incredible and hard to believe as they happened and everything just fitted perfectly like a jigsaw.  I even had a panic attack towards the end.

If you have faith in God give this method a try.

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved




9 thoughts on “How Do I Make A Move?

  1. Infinite Living says:

    Until we find this process life is such a struggle. Comfort is never the promise but ease is what we find when we flow through life while following this intimate guidance for each and every choice we make. Your post empowers faith in a very gentle manner.

    Liked by 1 person

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