Self Healing within Natural Healing

Self healing 1

I have found it strange over the years people attitudes when I say I am a Natural Healer and I practice Self-Healing.  Unless your are under the supervision of a medical doctor and taking drugs then you are considered not to be ill.

Natural Healers become ill like everyone else but the difference is we understand it takes time to heal and the root cause has to be treated before the illness will go away. We have chosen to cure and heal naturally with out drugs or chemicals.

We need kindness and sympathy just like those who are receiving treatments from the doctor. Just because we choose to use alternative medicine such as Aromatherapy, Herbs, Spices, Supplements and natural lotions and potions to heal ourselves does not mean we are any less ill than those on drugs.

Food for immune system

When doing healing through the power of prayer with God it is not a case of a magic wand is waved and all is well.  We also have to be guided and learn to use natural alternatives and dependent on where you live this may vary.

Provided you are sensible and use reputable supplements there should be no side effects, still care should be taken ask about “side effects” check the ingredients if you have many allergies before taking them.  Likewise with food healing diets if your allergic to certain foods well common sense tells you, that this is not for you.

The difference between Natural Healing and Prescribed Drugs is Natural Healing will eventually cure the illness or the issue whereas the Prescribed Drugs just block the symptoms and move the illness to another point in the body to re-occur as something else and could be worse than what you started with, this is something many doctors do not tell you.

This is where working with your Soul is excellent as your Soul know precisely what is right for you.  I love being guided by my soul on what to eat, use or take to help me heal because I know for sure it is exactly what I need.

Natural Healing using Healing Energy is a great way to heal but you must give time to do this form of healing.  You have to lay down and pray to God for the Healing Energies to be sent.  You will feel the Healing Energy be it cold or hot.  Sometimes you will be taken out of your body that is put to sleep as the Natural Healing will be painful.  It does not stop there you also have to give time to rest and extra sleep to heal to allow the Natural Healing energies to work.  The healing energies trigger your own natural healing mechanism within your body to heal.  It is worthwhile to put the effort in to understand how your body feels and works in order to be confident and proficient in Self-healing.

self healing 2

You expect us as healers to be sympathetic with you when your ill or going through issues, therefore, please show the same consideration to us as we are no different.

Simply be you, live your life simple

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