Puzzles of the Soul

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I chose Puzzles of the Soul as my  Facebook Page name more than ten years ago as I have been working with the Soul for over thirty years.  When I was on Twitter I used to post Tweets about the Soul.  Then I moved to join Facebook I had to have a page name which really reflected who I was.  I designed and created the Logo myself.  Carefully chosing the design and colours.  The colours pink and lilac/lavender are part of my soul colouring along with white.  I have had three websites previous to this one.

Learning to put the pieces together

I was very much involved in piecing together my own life it appeared to be as a puzzle like a jigsaw puzzle connecting the right pieces and learning to understand each part of my past.


You see the pieces are all different yet they interconnect with each other to make the whole.

Among the pieces were spiritual knowledge I already held and gifts or talents which my soul had been created with.  All these were unknown pieces parts of me I had to learn to open up and use.   It took time to learn how to proficiently use my God-given talents not only that but how to combine them to work together.  This is work in progress!

Then there are sections where issues are kept the ones I either created or were created by other people.  These have all been opened up for review, not just a quick glance, and oh yeah, I remember that.  An in-depth review of each issue seeing it from both sides to be able to analyse the cause and effect.  The reviews take years to do you can imagine.  After reviewing they have to be released and closed off.  The memory of the lessons learned from this process are kept but the actual issue disappears. The lessons go into our knowledge bank to draw on later if required.

jigsaw 1

You often hear people talk about a fresh start, a blank page to create something new in their life.  You could say they have been given new blank pieces to add to existing puzzle of their soul.  These pieces have to fit in the established puzzle, that is right they have a correct place to connect to be a good enhancement in your life.  They are outside your current understanding of your life.  Something new and exciting to build and create adding more pieces expanding the real you.

The name Puzzles of the Soul is very profound and came from my own Soul.  I have noticed over time other people have started to incorporate the word Puzzle in their titles, names, writings and posts.  This is fine as they have learned life is a great puzzle and as we connect with like souls the pieces begin to interlock.

I love to help people connect more with their soul so they can learn how to use their gifts/talents and piece together parts of their lives they do not understand.  I offer support to walk along side giving guidance.

  • The control of your life is with you and you work at your own pace.
  • The Soul dictates what and how pieces are worked on.
  • The Soul and God decide what knowledge you are allowed to access.
  • Learning how to read present issues.
  • Given some future insight but generally it is not a lot as people focus too much on the future and not enough on the NOW.  Like a tidbit.
  • You are never made to work on an issue that you are unable to handle. Many practitioners jump right into the most painful time in your life and it causes waves of pain, trauma and suffering.  You will eventually face these times only when you are strong enough to review it and not before.

Would you like to piece together the puzzles of your soul?

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Simply be you, live your life simply

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