Whose Fight is it?

Fight 3

Many years ago when I was first exploring the various new age groups which numerous people have done. It is a whole new can of worms which is opened before you in such an alluring format.  I did this, I used to visit a crystal shop in the city center near where I lived.  A so-called Crystal Expert frequented there she was mediumistic and controlled the people who owned the shop.  I was polite and friendly to everyone.  One day the “Crystal Expert” said to me.  You must stop fighting evil.  You spend too much time fighting evil this is why you are tired and sick.  I was tired and sick because of evil.

What did I do?

I ignored her. I was new to these mind games but deep within me I knew if I stopped trying to find a way to stop evil attacking I would be finished.  The “Crystal Expert” words spoke loud and clear to me.  They told me she was on the side of evil and so were those who owned the shop. It also told me she was using her demons to spy on me or read me.

I had not long been severely psychic attacked by evil and I sat crying in my home. I was given the message to stand up, sitting there crying will not get you anywhere.  You have to learn to hit those who have attacked you much harder than they have hit you so they will not come after you again.

Fight 2

How can I get rid of this?

Spiritually my life was a real mess with attacks come from all angles.  I slowly learned to do some prayers to invoke spirits to remove the demonic attacks they were futile.

I kept trying in my own way.  I sought help from others, they just made things worse.  Many people really are overly inflated in what they can do.  When in actual fact they are useless, this is not important, they have a reputation you know! I paid for work to be done by a woman exorcist, ha! she worked both sides of the track.  What did that mean she would attack me and then give me prayers or invocations to clear it.  Wonderful, life was such a doozy!

Why didn’t these people want me to fight?

They knew eventually I would find in my Soul and God’s guidance a method of ridding evil from my life and if I managed to do this for me.  My nature is to help others and would put the self-help out for free.

How did I overcome this?

I was in a very bad state and in a lot of physical pain as I prayed to God for help, I was advised to buy a book by the Exorcist who worked on both sides, I bought the book it was full of Holy Angels who are dedicated to Defending against Spiritual Warfare.

I prayed to God for guidance on how to adjure the Holy Angels and use the book.  I wrote my first Deliverance Prayer for myself. Wow incredible the effect was immediate at that point I could hardly stand up from enduring the physical pain from the demons. All the pain stopped sweet relief.

I daily I grew stronger and I spent majority of my time refining the prayer which then became prayers.  They are the prayers I share on this website.

Self Defense Through Prayer .

I also developed other prayers to eliminate demonic and negative energies from my life and others.  These I have not shared as yet.


What does God Want?

As you can see picture above and know Yeshua/Jesus Christ had His battles with evil and always won.

Yeshua had to do this for Himself.

We have to fight for our own life and learn to overthrow evil.  It is possible to ask help and support from others.  I have given support to many but for majority of them they wanted me to do the work for them whilst they continued to be tempted by evil and sin.

At the end of the day you have to want to be free of evil.  Yes, I can clear you and your home no problem. I do this by praying to God and calling upon special Holy Angels.  YOU have to work at keeping yourself clear, through prayer and turning away from lures and temptation.

You have to put on your Armor of God and stand strong within God, holding onto your faith.  The armor of God is just symbolism which means you have to pray and put your trust in God and Lord Yeshua for protection. You have to invite God into your home and sanctify it.

.Armor of God

Lord Yeshua/Jesus Christ must be your refuge, for Lord Yeshua is the one who casts out the demons, remember this well He is a Master Exorcist and Protector.

It is up to YOU to keep your self clean once you have been redeemed and repented. NOBODY can do this for you.  This is what being responsible for your own actions. thoughts and words really mean.

I can help you with prayers and support to get you walking in the right direction, I enjoy this but I enjoy seeing you become independent and caring for yourself with faith in God and trust in His love for you.

We all have to fight evil it is so subtle and before you know it you have been hooked and being pulled down again.  So easy. It is our fight each one of us is responsible for our own life.

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