Isolation Why?



Alone 3

Isolation Why?

I found being alone and spending time away from society very hard to say the least.  Nobody likes to be completely away from people. I fought against it, just like everyone else.  I cried and put my case before God so many times, yet nothing changed.

What had to change?

It was me who had to change.  God wanted me to be closer to Him.  To talk with Him and for God to teach me how to use my gifts.

I also from being a young child I had a bad influencer through my mother who was a power and control freak who constantly had to break my will power. I had to learn to be independent and think for myself.  I had to stop encouraging other people to take my autonomy and controlling the outcome of my life.

This was not an easy task as it had been ingrained in my since birth.


Isolation and Aloneness was the way

The more I worked with God and my Soul the stronger I became it was like as so many say peeling the layers away.  Through being oppressed from a young age I was used attracting this kind of person in my life hence so many sociopaths or narcissistic, it must have been stamped on my forehead. It really took some time to understand the reasons for the isolation.  In the early days of my spiritual development it was the influence of evil, I had been placed in a bubble.  I had to learn to break-out of the bubble this was a mean task in itself. Still it took time to understand the reason for further aloneness there was no letting up.

Drawing Closer to God

I began to draw closer to God not through religion but my own faith.  I had learned to have absolute faith in God.  The power of prayer and God’s healing were so real for me. God picked me up as a delicate flower in His hands to teach me how to heal naturally and how to prayer to protect myself.   No books were given to follow just God’s word and no more.  I have excellent Spiritual Vision and Audio skills.  This is the way to work with God to become closer to Him.

Move to a foreign land

Following God’s instructions I moved step by step to live in a foreign land.  Again I slipped into the sociopathic trap of allowing people to take over my plans.  the disadvantage was not being able to speak, read or write the language.  Though eventually struggles to learn the basics to survive.  God moved the sociopaths out of my life.  Alone again in this difficult land.  I wanted to leave and go.  Not so easy. Again I cried and pleaded with God to get me out of here. I learned many difficult and spirit strengthening lessons on how to be autonomous. rays-656582_1920-300x169

Self Healing

This was high on God’s list for me to do.  I spent the next six years learning how to heal myself.  Different techniques were given to me and I chose isolation and aloneness myself.  I found I was unable to blend in or be allowed to integrate in this foreign land. I would be calm then again start to cry and plead with God to allow me to leave.  Everything remained the same. Alone 2

What did God want?

Complete connection with God through all my spiritual vortices to be close to God and to return to Yeshua/Jesus Christ as my saviour.  To allow myself to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  I was already work with God’s Holy Angels. Through prayers which I wrote with God’s guidance I achieved this.


Sociopath and narcissistic person sneaked into my life, remember these people are subtle and they study their prey.  I allowed them to take control of part of my life which I felt I could no longer cope with.  WRONG. God removed them from my life. It was come on Nanette you have been here too many times.  Back to isolation and it hurt being alone nobody to talk to.  I chose the isolation.  The desire for good conversation over-took me.  God wanted me to talk to Him only.  God wanted me to lean on Him to resolve my health issues and problems.  God put me here as my home is peaceful, clean and the air is fresh.  It is often too hot and alleviated with air-conditioning.

Inviting God into my home

Everyday I invite God into my home and I have sanctified my house and property by the power of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, that is right every room and the land. I invited the Holy Spirit into my life to guide me on my mission and help heal me. I have stopped fighting against God and His plan for me as I truly only wish to follow God’s lead.  I can now see more direction and my way forward since I have accepted God’s plan and refused the subtle temptations of satan and his evil minions. Butterfly

What do I do now?

As always I have many prayers to do for myself, friends and family. I ask daily what I must do for God. What steps should I be taking to help God and His ministry? What steps should I take for myself?

I speak to none

I spend my days talking with God, Yeshua/Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the ministry of Holy Angels.  This is the most important for me. I speak when I buy food but other than that I close myself off from people. I do enjoy reading the posts from my blog connections this gives me upliftment and inspiration.  I also chat with a friend outside this foreign land.

Reassess your aloneness and isolation

Do not be afraid of aloneness or isolation God is wanting you to speak to Him.

Simply be you, live your life simply.


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