The Wounded Healer Part 2


Care must be taken when self-healing

This type of healing should only be done if you are full conversation with your own body and working properly with your Soul and God.

If you have any doubts about what you are doing you should go see a medical practitioner do not play with your health it is not a guessing game.  I have been healing myself for over 30 years during which I have been taught and guided by God in what to do and expect whilst self-healing.  My spiritual visualisation and audio skills are excellent, therefore there is no mistaking on what I should do.

I accept no responsibility for any outcome you may experience through you being negligent.

Detoxing and Healing the next steps

Once I felt I could manage a trip to the city to buy more food which I desperately required.

I had been given a list of things to buy to aid my recovery.

My greengrocer is expensive though they sell the best quality produce.  I was already eating apples and must buy more.  I sat on a chair as perspiration was pouring down my face, I was not really up to this trip at all.

I gazed at all the fruit which appealed to me the most peaches they were huge, and then a ready ripe melon, then onto my herbalist to buy dried dates.  This was to be my diet for the next few days.

Why these fruits?


Apples as I mentioned in the other post are rich in Pectin and they help rebalance the digestive system and body.

My past experience of migraines and vomiting I knew apples and strawberries are the best restorative you can eat to ease a sensitive stomach.

  1.  Removes impurities from the liver
  2. Aids cancer prevention
  3. Cleanses the digestive tract

For more information read the following article.


Peaches  The peach adds great value to our diet.  This is a first for me to eat peaches for self-healing.  They are very filling and leave your digestive system feeling fresh. They very good for the following:

  1. Eye and skin care
  2. Help in maintaining healthy blood pressure
  3. Aids cancer prevention
  4. Lowers cholesterol levels
  5. Prevents Hypokalemia

  6. Antioxidant
  7. Rich in nutrients and vitamins
  8. Aids Digestion
  9. Helps maintain a healthy nervous system
  10. Boosts immunity
  11. Anti-aging properties
  12. Detoxifies the body

I can see the benefits of including peaches in my diet not only to aid the detox of my body but to rebuild my immune system.

For a more in-depth information read the link below:


Melon  again I have not used these in self-healing and I am finding this journey so interesting.  Melons are very powerful indeed.  I had not noticed before but eating these on an empty stomach to heal it.  The feeling is amazing the fruit is so gentle and it flushes through the body and digestive feeding the required nutrients as it goes.

The benefits of eating Melon are:

  1. High in enzymes and coenzymes
  2. Excellent food to restore ligaments, joints, bones, teeth, connective tissue and tendons
  3. Crucial support for those with Liver and Kidney disease
  4. They are powerful glucose balancers

For more information see the link below:


Dates – I have taken dates for self-healing in a syrup form to help reduce the benign lump and in fact with problems in my life I have put this healing on one side.  You should not neglect healing yourself it is so important but like many of us I allow life to overtake me.

Below are some of the benefits from eating dates.

  1. High nutrition and vitamin value
  2. Strengthen bones
  3. Good source of energy
  4. Boosts brain health
  5. Rich in fiber
  6. Intestinal disorders
  7. Anemia
  8. Allergies such as SAR
  9. Helps weight gain

For more information about dates read the link below:

I have to re-establish my eating habits and change of diet to strengthen my immunity and digestive system.  Psychic Attack or Voodoo like I had experienced places a lot of spiritual venom within the physical body and it had been there for many years plus other attacks.  It is serious healing which has to take place. The fruits above will help me to heal.

I am also eating poached eggs with nothing else, and oatmeal small portions.

The body has to rebalance slowly in order to take on extra portions of food unfortunately where I live it is not inspiring food wise except the fruit, veg, herbs and spices.

After I started to slowly eat the apples, I began to want foods I really like such as Salmon with new potatoes, oh and my beloved Vegemite (you like it or you don’t) on French Bread.  I really miss these things to eat.

Very important to drink plenty of water to keep the system well hydrated.

I am now wondering the effect the new regime will have on my benign lump I feel very positive about this.

I love healing and self-healing.  I found the last three weeks to be quite shocking it really threw me as I was not expecting it at all.  I am in the process of trying to sell my property and focusing on ways to attract a buyer so I get distracted instead of put my full concentration on healing myself.

Our health is the most important and it is a jewel in our life if we do not have good health we have nothing.

If it turns out that you have been psychic attacked do not be disappointed if your doctor cannot help you.  They will treat the symptoms but cannot ever find a cure for this.

The ONLY cure is through Yeshua/Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Angels nothing on this Earth can relieve you of this.

There are too many sociopaths or narcissistic people on this planet who enjoy harming good people’s lives.  It is unwarranted in every case.  The are cold, cruel and have no limits to their badness.  Just like you, I like to believe there is goodness in people and have I been well and truly hit by “friends”, “family” and many people I do not know it is heartbreaking for sure when you find out.

I can assist you if clearings are required to remove negative entities and energies.

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Please Note:  I will always put links to information that is not my own knowledge.  I am a Natural Healer.  Though I love herbalism and dietary healing I do not currently hold a qualification in this.   Credit is always given where credit is due.



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