Dream Invasions


Dream Invasion or commonly referred to as Nightmares.

This is when you have your dream time invaded by demons or evil people doing magic against you.  You are given visual nightmares they are very real and extremely frightening.

When these occur you need to control your fear of them if you are not afraid of the beings they are less likely to be able to harm you.


Why do you get these dreams or nightmares?

The only reason to receive them is to frighten you and it means someone in your life or around you and you may not even know the person.  Especially with social media it opens a whole new can of worms and a rich playground for evil in whatever form they take be them people, entities, spirits and fallen angels.

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My experiences

I used to regularly have dreams where someone was trying to give me tablets or a demonic pearl.  On a soul level I knew I did not want to swallow the tablet or the demonic pearl as it would be very detrimental to me.  If I did swallow the tablet or demonic pearl it would have infected my whole inner physical body and spiritual bodies.

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How did I deal with it?

The energy which comes with demons is often paralysing so I had to bring myself into a semi conscious state that is what is often termed as Lucid Dreaming where you are able to participate and interact in the dream.  This is very strenuous to do pushing through the demonic pressure.

All I could see were a pair of hand and a little house in the background.  I could not see the face of who was doing this to me. I got the impression it was a woman from the hand type.  They were continuously trying to put the tablet or demonic pearl in my mouth.

This is where it becomes like an action movie, I transformed myself into a warrior and pushed the tablet or demonic pearl into the person’s mouth and with all my might both hands clasped I belted them on the back of the head and neck they swallowed their own medicine.  This was the end of that dream invasion.

I also used to get a thirsty feeling of really needing a drink and you can believe it there were the hands holding a glass of something to drink and they were trying to make me drink it.  Oh no. I was having none of that.  Again I pulled myself into a semi conscious state of being, Lucid Dreaming and I spat the drink in their face, still could not see them but I knew I spat the toxic fluid in their face.

Still the Dream Invasions did not stop they just kept coming back to try again and warrior self was becoming more adept in dealing with them.


How did I stop it?

We create portals in our spiritual environment every day some are good and some are  bad.  Many people do not realise they are doing this. They are creating access points, portals, links and connections with people, environments both on the Earth and in the spiritual realms.  Often portals are created by evil to very gifted souls to harm, block and torment them or worse.

I prayed about how to stop the invasions because they were often and tiring me out and I was given the information on how to close my portals and everything stopped.

The demons can create portals through your aura because you do not protect yourself properly and close all portals.  Closing portals is a must especially if you do any kind of spiritual work or are very sensitive.  This is a good form of Protection.

The procedure for this is on the link below:


If you strengthen your aura, close all portals and place a shield over your aura this will stop the dream invasions and also other unwanted negativity impacting your life.

Even greater is to invite Yeshua/Jesus Christ into your life, you do not have to be a Christian or follow any religion, it is the goodness you carry in your soul and daily life. This will really send the demons running away and they will not get to far either before they are captured for retribution in Yeshua’s Name.

I have in the past had many bad dreams and just left them as nightmares.  There is no need to suffer from these attacks or Psychic Attacks as they are also known.  Ensure your portals are closed.  If you still have dream invasions then you are creating a weak link to someone or something which is bad this must be addressed.

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