Prayer Time in my house

Jemima Praying

I pray everyday and have done so for many years it is part of my life.

I was so surprised to find my kittens joining me in prayer.

How did this happen?

When I first received the kittens I had to form a routine for them starting early in the morning.  The usual chores of cleaning the litter tray, making their breakfast and tidying the home and then cleaning myself before I sat down to do my daily prayers.  As soon as I sat down both kittens would run to sit with me.  I would say to them it is Prayer Time.  They soon learned what Prayer Time meant as cats have a good understanding of language and often are very vocal and can speak short sentences.

Since then they know the routine and as soon as the morning chores are finished they are asking and running round after me telling my it is time to sit down and prayer.  Both of them are insistent on my sitting down to do prayers.

I will say to them “I know it is Prayer Time now”

We all sit down the girls – Tabitha and Jemima vie for the position closest to me and when they are comfy.  I start our prayers.  My prayers would be incomplete if I did not include them in all the prayers I do.  They are my family so it is natural for me to pray for them.

I find cats contribute to the energy of the prayer or any spiritual work I do. You will often hear about cats being Muses.  They make excellent muses as they enhance the energetic environment.  They give out and are very selfless.

I used to have dogs years ago and I found they liked to come and sit with me whilst I prayed.  They were good company.  The difference between the dogs and the cats is the dogs draw off the energy for themselves and do not contribute anything except they were company. In fact one dog used to sit on my feet to take the energy.  I did not like this at all, when I was doing self-healing my dog would take the energy for herself and therefore, I would have no benefit of the healing I was trying to do on myself.  I would have to shut her out of the room.

This was my experience with the dogs I have had.  As a little girl I had a cocker-spaniel  and she was like my guardian always watchful and caring, looking back on those days I can see she was very in tune with me.

A short story on how my girls (cats) started praying with me.  They love the energy generated through the prayers.  It is a special time of the day for them and so it should be.  Communing with God is the most important time for me, actually it is almost constant as God is the best advisor and guide.

From this my girls learned how to take care of me working with God.

It is so simple you can do this with your cats or dogs.  Interesting when I used to give healing to a client her Budgie loved the energy you should have seen the display he put on when I gave him some healing.  Nature is amazing do not underestimate what they can feel or do.

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