How do you forgive someone who betrayed you?

This is one of the hardest traumas to forgive.

If you do not forgive the transgressors these emotions will create blocks in your life. It will stop the smallest to the most important things from being able to complete.


This is old baggage it eats away at your spiritual and physical body.

The anguish and anger repeats itself over and over in your mind it is like a TV serial on repeat.  You do not have the off switch or at least you believe you have not.

You want revenge, you want these people to feel the pain, hurt, trauma, broken trust you experienced and rightly so they should receive Karma for what they have done.

Karma or revenge who is responsible?

The Divine, Yeshua/Jesus Christ or the Universal Consciousness depending what your view is in life.

Taking it upon your self for revenge is not good because this opens your wounds even more you need someone who is better placed than you to deal with them. Remember these people hurt you more than anyone else.  You also do not know what the Divine or Yeshua have decided for punishment it could be far worse than what you have in mind.  Note, the Divine and Yeshua can see exactly how to hurt them, they can see the whole picture and your pain is just part of it.

Who are the worst offenders?

It is not your enemies who betray you.  It is the closest and trusted people in your life.  Family those who should consider your well-being important and a valued member of your family.

Partner ie husband or wife who are unfaithful or disloyal.  Do not support you against others who wish you harm.  Leave you to fend for yourself.

“Trusted” friends those who created the impression of being a good friend only when the situation was right for them did they show their true colours.

Abusers those who took advantage of a young innocent in their childhood.  Often the abuser was well-known to the child and gained trust only to be betrayed.

betrayal 1

How do you forgive these people?

This is difficult indeed as the pain is real and the burden is heavy on every level of your being and you must forgive to be able to go forward.

Jesus Forgives


You must forgive yourself.

Oh Yeshua forgive me for allowing those who betrayed me to harm me.
I forgive those who harmed me because I allowed it to happen and to continue.

They betrayed me once so I should have put barriers up to prevent them doing so again. You can sense often when things are going on behind your back, if your sensitive you will feel spirit knives in your back or chest.

I NOW forgive myself for allowing those people to harm me.

I NOW ask Yeshua (Divine) to cleanse and purify me of all betrayals and evil connections to those who harmed me.

I NOW ask Holy Archangel Raphael to heal me and fill the emptiness with joy, soul love, peace, and harmony.

I AM liberated

I AM worthy and of value

I AM Free of all betrayals

I AM free to go forward without obstructions.

May the Lords Most High place blessings on those who completed this request for me.

May the Lords Most High place blessings on my shoulders.  My path is cleansed and clear. My life is lucrative and full of abundance.

So it is manifested.


You have to let go and release the trauma from betrayal or it becomes a horror movie constantly running and ruining your life.

I had to do this I was letting the pain of so many betrayals continue to hurt me. Damaging.  The focus should be on the now and future not the past and all its pain.

For those who suffered child abuse you have to forgive those you trusted to ensure your safety was important. Forgive them for the negligence and betrayal in caring for you for the abuse to occur. Ask Yeshua for guidance on how to best word this for your situation, you gain healing and relief in doing so.

Like me, many of you have and carry much pain from the past.  Time to forgive yourself and release yourself.


I asked Yeshua to guide me in doing the betrayal forgiveness as it was very hard for me to start with to think through.  Slowly the names of all the main betrayers came into my thoughts and the scenarios of what they did.

We all have to move on to live now and plan for the future.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.


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