The Healing of Yeshua/Jesus Christ


We did not realise how powerful the Nazarenes or Essenes were in their day.  The power was drawn from God and the fact they kept themselves spiritually and physically clean was all important to them.  They were Masters in the Spiritual Arts which had been handed down from the Egyptian Mystery Schools, Zoroaster teachings and most important from God.

The crucifixion of Yeshua/Jesus Christ was horrific, cruel, blood thirsty, in a word evil, remember these practices were all too common in Judea with the Pharisees and Romans.

We were told about Mary Yeshua’s Mother and Mary Magdalene they kept a close vigil stay constantly at Yeshua’s feet.  The Nazarenes had the ability to leave their body so they could not endure pain.  This is often done during natural healing sessions where the spirit leaves the body during extreme pain.  Yeshua did this before being nailed to the cross and also put shields up so he could not feel the pain from the whipping and the crown of thorns.  Though Yeshua’s body was extremely tortured he felt nothing.  Mary the Mother of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were sending healing to Yeshua plus they had mixed special herbs to give to Yeshua to drink which gave the impression of death or being dead.

Yeshua was eventually taken from the cross and placed in the tomb, where again Mary his Mother and Mary Magdalene tended to his wounds healing and cleansing them, he was dressed in his white Essene Robe.

Yeshua is a Master Healer and Manifestor this meant he was as a healer able to heal all the wounds on his body, this is brilliant isn’t it.  As a manifestor this meant he could either appear solid or as a hologram in spirit form.

The following morning when Mary Magdalene went to check to tomb as expected it was empty Yeshua had risen out of his body and also turned his body into energy.  Yeshua appeared to Mary Magdalene in the garden and asked her to return to Galilee to meet him there along with the disciples.

From Galilee, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene left Palestine for good to journey on to India, later they traveled to visit Essene and Cathar villages in Europe, they went as far as Celtic Scotland and Ireland eventually staying in France in a small Essene Village.


The ability to completely manifest takes a Master, Yeshua was this.

Yeshua out smarted the Pharisees and Romans to live on and fulfill his mission on Earth.

This is what “he has risen” and “resurrected” means in real terms.

Simply be you, live your life simply

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