Yeshua/Jesus Christ the Essene

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Our spiritual journeys take us on various paths of research and analysis.  I have always questioned everything.

To be honest deep within I have felt uncomfortable with the Old Testament for many years.  It really did not seem to portray the God I know, one who is merciful, kind, forgiving and loving. The stories were grotesque and full of sin to say the least.

Again many years ago I came upon the book “Jesus and the Essenes”.  This book and belief system I could accept.  I was digressed from this with other research.  I wish I had continued down the Essenes Path.

Recently talking with Yeshua, as once again I seemed to be getting lost in the nonsense of the Old Testament, it really does my head in, reading the stories.  I felt it was missing something.  Things did not add up for me.

Remember you to can speak with Yeshua, he is available for everyone not just me.

What was Yeshua’s Story up to the Crucifixion

Yeshua/Jesus Christ was born a Nazarene in Galilee Northern Palestine.  The Nazarenes were more commonly known in those days as the Essenes.   They were a very pious religious group of people who adhered to God’s Laws.

The Nazarenes forbade the reading of the Old Testament and the stories about Moses they referred to them as fiction.  Definitely horrible fiction.

Christians would be interested to know the Nazarenes were considered to be Christians long before Yeshua/Jesus Christ was born.

Yeshua’s mother Mary was a highly regarded as an Essenes Initiate, Natural Therapist, and Spiritual Master, Mary had received the Spiritual Knowledge passed down from Zoroaster and Egyptian Spiritual Masters of the time.  Mary was fully aware the Spirit and Soul of Yeshua would come into her body to be a Messiah.

The Essenes did not believe in animal or human sacrifices, they did not drink alcohol. They were vegetarians who ate a simple and clean diet.  They also were physically clean in that they bathed daily. The Essenes were noted for wearing white garments.

Yeshua grew up and studied in Galilee through the insight of Mary his mother he was encouraged to live with people from all walks of life to give him a greater understanding of the different ways people had to live.

Yeshua’s family regularly traveled to Judea where he visited the temples and listened to the Pharisees and teachers within the temples and it was not long before Yeshua challenged these rulers of the temples in Judea.  The Pharisees in particular enjoyed arguing points and principles with the Essenes but, they were unable to win any argument with Yeshua he was too well-connected to God and God’s laws.  This infuriated the Pharisees and they plotted to have Yeshua killed and this they succeeded in.  It was not the ordinary person in the street who voted to have Yeshua crucified, why should they!  He gave them hope, healing, love and taught them how to connect directly to God themselves.  The Pharisees set everything up even duping Judas through bewitchment to betray Yeshua.  All of which Yeshua knew in advance, as he was a great visionary and Spiritual Master.

The people in that era were very much afraid of authority such as the Pharisees and the Romans who mercilessly governed the regions and religion, it left them powerless to challenge the decision to crucify Yeshua.

I feel very comfortable with Yeshua’s version of events and grateful to be learning about the Nazarenes and Essenes.

Jesus Christ or Yeshua.  Yeshua was a common name in the region and the letter “J”  was created by Frenchman Pierre Ramus in the 16th century, but did not become common in Modern English until the 17th century.  This is when Yeshua’s name was changed to Jesus. The name Jesus used in the English New Testament comes from the Latin form of the Greek name Ἰησοῦς (Iēsous).

(The above paragraph is from Wikipedia)

They should leave well alone….. why start confusions.

I hope you have enjoyed this small excerpt about Yeshua and I know there will be others to follow.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

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