Suppressed Painful Emotions

hidden pain

My writing today has been inspired by ….. Why are we here.

I am sure we ask that question Why are we here?  Especially when going through extreme pain and static life.

We all have pains to share, we wear a mask many of us to hide how we feel, learned to do this in the past, as most people do not care, often the worst offenders are close family. A very sad world we live in of disinterested beings. We should be able to share but then we have to be aware of the unscrupulous who will use it against us too.

I have to laugh out loud at this one, of those who foolishly talk of Empathy and people should be more Empathic how can there be more empathy there are only 5,000 Empaths in the entire world.  Empathy is a gift within healing not an emotional state of being.

I always refer to sympathy, but when you look really at people these days there is no sympathy either, only selfishness.  There is a small minority who see others clearly and understand their pain.

So many preaching false states of being to those who will lap up anything if it is packaged well.  It makes the bad feel good about themselves as they know no shame.

I can reach the good souls, bless them all they have already opened themselves up to give more to others they have stretched their entirety to help those they can,  The proportion of these amazing people are not enough to go round.

The good ones are on blogs and websites who freely give their love, advice and attention.

We are here to help and we can feel and understand other’s pain.  We can sympathize and a few can Empathize.   They are not here to gain huge numbers or to take large sums of money from you, as so many do.

Of course you have been conditioned to understand if you have been stung for a lot of money, therefore, it must work.  Wrong you have just wasted a lot of money when you could have received the help for free.

We have to open up more and give so much more soul love expand it to all those who are in search of it.  The good are capable of so much more.  After all Soul Love is energy and it increases the more you give so there is an endless supply.  The more you give the more you receive to fill up those reserves from God, Universal Consciousness which ever Divine Being you believe in.

pain 2

Have you been there,  like the picture above?

I have, many times in this life with nobody to talk to except God.

Sad isn’t it.  Nobody to talk to. 

God kept standing me up, pulling me out of the depths of despair and dusting me down to live another day.

God is dependable, never too busy, tired, or does not really care.

Pray for help, reach out to be reached.  God will put people in your path to lift you. Pick your self up one step at a time, rebuild yourself one step at a time, hold on tight to God, He has the strength to carry you.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved







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