Is it your food or poison?

Food 1

Over the years it has become more noticeable people are having allergic reactions to food.

What is causing this?

I notice about 15 years ago that the major supermarkets were tampering with food especially fresh meat they injected water into it to make it weigh more and also added mono sodium glutamate in produce which is very poisonous to the entire body.  You have to be very strict in checking the labels to see if it just the meat or produce you are buying.

Vegetables well, they recommend buying organic.  Are they really organic or some selected produced selling more expensive. I remember when organic first came into the supermarkets they were pitiful.

When I was growing up as a child there did not seem to be the health problems of today.  I knew of one girl who had asthma and apart from childhood illnesses and colds people just did not get sick.

Food 3

Nonetheless, we still have the problem of certain foods making us feel unwell. From being very young I disliked all greens and was made to eat them could not leave the table until they had gone.  I even tried passing them to my dog, she did not like them either.  Following my intuition I have removed virtually all greens from my diet and feel better for it but believing they were good for me as advocated by scientists and dietitians they actually made me very ill.  The enzymes aggravate the Thyroid that is a slow Thyroid and the other glands in the body.  They make you put on weight.

What should you do when choosing food?

You must listen to your soul, your intuition and how food reacts in the body.  Your body is the best judge in this case.

  1. How do you feel?
    1. Do you feel nauseous after eating certain foods, the same day or the following morning?
    2. Do you get stomach ache
    3. Do you become bloated
    4. Do you get upset stomach
    5. Do you vomit
    6. Do you feel you wished you had not eaten that
    7. Do you have difficulty breathing
  2. If you are seriously worried about any of the above you should see your Doctor for advice and perhaps take an allergy test.  I took an allergy test there was not much I could eat.
  3. You start to eliminate the foods which are giving you allergenic reactions and focus on the ones you can eat.
  4. As your body’s digestive system starts to strengthen and your body can absorb different enzymes and nutrients so you can slowly start to increase your range of food.
  5. You may find as you become stronger and you are eating some of your favourite things again. It is possible to become intolerant to other foods e.g. I can no longer eat onion, garlic or cilantro the smell makes me feel sick let alone what happens if I eat them.
  6. You have to be constantly monitoring what you eat once you have a sensitivity to foods.

Junk Food

Food 2 Junk

I know many people can consume a large amount of junk food and drinks without much harm.

Or do they?

  1. Do they continue to suffer indigestion
  2. Do they have extreme gas or flatulence from eating foods they are allergic to
  3. Are they lethargic
  4. Do they have to visit the Doctors often with spurious ailments caused by the junk they eat
  5. They have unknown illnesses throughout their body
  6. Are they Migraine sufferers

Prescribed Drugs

Food prescription

This is a very serious problem all too often people pass on their prescribed drugs to friends and family.  In the hope to help another.  This is a form of drug pushing and you should refrain from it.  I have seen people on here recommend others to get a certain drug.

When it comes to prescription drugs, this is what it means.  A Doctor has taken the responsibility of prescribing a certain drug for specific condition/s to a patient they have in their care.  A prescription drug cannot be passed on to someone else they MUST go to a doctor to receive their prescription, they may not even need this drug but perhaps another.

You must dispose of prescribed drugs carefully, many Pharmacist will take old prescriptions and have them destroyed otherwise if you can burn them.  Do not put them where children or pets can come into contact with them.



Herbal medicine you cannot go wrong unless you already know you are allergic to a herb or spice then you do not take it.

You have to take everything in moderation follow the instructions and preparation for the dosage with the Herbal remedies.  You do not overdose yourself on these either.

Most herbal teas are just one tspn in a cup with boiling water added and allowed to steep for five minutes and strain before drinking.  Often just one cup per day is all you need as herbs are very powerful in their own right.  They are an alternative to prescribed drugs.


Above is an example of the Valerian Tea I took every night for about a week.  Only half a cup was required.  I did this under the guidance of my Herbalist friend, Ahmed who is Therapeutic Herbalist and used to prescribing Valerian Root Tea.  Every day I had to report back to him on the results and the effects it had on me so he could monitor my progress.


Listen to your body and intuition for guidance on what you eat or medicines you take. Under no circumstances do you take prescribed drugs from another person you must visit a Medical Doctor and be properly assessed who knows you may not need anything.

If you are unsure about what herbs and spices to take you must visit a herbalist for advice.  I have known many good herbalists, not the ones in the chain stores.  Private Herbalists.

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