Spiritual Smells

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Has your sense of smell become more heightened?

There are two kinds of  smell or odor:

  • Spiritual Smell which only spiritually aware people can smell.
  • Normal day-to-day perfumes or odors.

Spiritual Smells or Odors

Bad spiritual smells come as a warning to keep away that something is not good. Only people who are spiritually aware can smell these odors.  Majority of people cannot smell it. There are also good smells too like a shot of perfume, smells, tastes from past memories.

I Often go to supermarkets and find I cannot walk down certain aisles.  In the UK for instance where the supermarket sells a lot of “Ready Meals” full of preservatives, colouring and artificial flavouring.  Junk food aisles.  I can sense a barrier on the aisle which prevents me from going down as soon as I am near these types of aisles I begin to feel nauseous and have to quickly move on.

I have always been able to spiritually smell both good and bad. I have noticed more recently the bad smells or odors are more pungent in fact overwhelming.  As I walk about the market place looking for fruit and vegetables like yesterday I could not bear to be near many stalls there was a horrible odor forcing me to move away.  In fact an entire area of the market was making me feel so ill.

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I went into a small supermarket one I like very much but very quickly I became dizzy and perspiring.  I became so uncomfortable I had to leave the shop without buying anything.

What did this mean?

It meant at this moment in time there was someone very bad in the shop perhaps they were cursing or had cursed the shop, they left a load of negative baggage in the shop. I had to leave as nausea was beginning to set in.  I felt embarrassed as I said I like the people who own the shop.  Leave you must and imperative you do not buy anything.


Flies are another sign

If I see many flies around food or produce this also is an indication to keep away, with the exception of another greengrocer I like to buy from.  As I approached their shop it was full of flies, the people who own it are good. I just oh no someone has done this to them.  Nonetheless, I went in the shop and the flies immediately left.

smell 2

I used to buy fresh fish for my cats, it became impossible as now majority of the fish vendors their fish were swarming with flies.  Someone said buy the fish and spray it with fly spray. Some people have no idea!

I also see flies swarming people and this is a good indicator they are bad and have bad intentions towards others.

Bad Odors around a person or people

Also take note of unusual odors or smells which appear around a person or people.  Move away from them quickly make polite excuses and go.

I experienced this the other day when I as confronted by a man I did not wish to associate with.  I politely told him I wanted nothing to do with him and I could smell a very foul odor and move on very quickly away from him.  He is a very bad person indeed and it clearly showed on his face and the odor which was attached to him.  So beware when you are spiritually analysing people.  These days you cannot afford to be kind with these types. Cut connections and keep away.


Good Spiritual Smells

Good Spiritual Smells are nice to receive often they are linked with memories of the past but not always.  Sometimes they are used as guiding indicators.

I often receive shots of lavender and rose whilst I am walking around my home and property.


One morning I received a shot of lavender it was so fresh and gratefully received by me.  Later that morning I went to my favourite greengrocer and amazing I could smell lavender again.  A gentleman in the shop had just bought some perfume and was testing it in the shop.  I said ah, lavender and they all turned to me and said yes, it has lavender in the perfume.  This time it was real and so refreshing to smell it. This was a confirmation that the greengrocer I had chosen was a good one. The spiritual perfume and the real perfume connected.

Rose Perfum

When I am not feeling too great I receive shots of rose perfume around my home, this is comforting and uplifting when feeling down.  It is like reassurance from God all is well and is as it should be.


When those we have loved and they have loved us have passed on.  An indication they are near to us giving reassurances they transmit perfumes or smells such as cooking, furniture polishes, flowers, cigarette smoke etc  that connected to them strongly.


When I used to do readings years ago, I kept smelling Dettol, really I do not like this smell but I asked the client if she could take this smell.  Yes, Yes, she was delighted her Aunt used it all the time in cleaning everything.  Thank goodness the client accepted it and then the smell went away. I could continue the reading in comfort.

I no longer do mediumship readings as the Astral Plane is very congested with demonic spirits who mimic those who have passed on.  The demons have no end to their repertoire as they are able to retrieve information on family, friends and pets.  I do not wish to open myself or clients to them. They pose as angels too.


It is important to pay attention to the smells.  Yesterday was a training session to teach me how to identify:

  • Where I should and should not shop.
  • How to recognise bad spiritual odors and normal bad smells distinguishing them both.
  • To take note of the spiritual odor of people.
  • To make sure I paid attention to my environment to keep me healthy and safe.

It was not a pleasant exercise, too many bad smells it took me awhile to walk away from the spiritual stinky market and to enter a more fresh smelling part.

I hope these few tips will give you some guidance and a base for you to work from.

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.









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