Love or Argue ?

Which is more important to Love or to Argue?



You have a choice in all things when you truly love someone do you really want to hurt them so much that you cut them emotionally so deep it is hard to repair or forget.

What is more important to you the love you have or the argument ?

Love and maintaining the love in your relationship is more important than any argument.

Heated arguments build up over time by suppressing emotions and issues.  They explode more often than not into screaming and shouting matches each partner trying to win their point.  The more dominant partner will cause more harm in the relationship purely by their need to be dominant.

If you really believe you love your partner then surely it is worth doing something about the arguments and disagreements before they escalate beyond repair.

How do you do this?

1.  Arguments are often an accumulation of issues and disagreements.

2.  You need to talk about each issue as it arises before it becomes an argument.

3.  You need to take time to sit and listen to each other’s view on the issue in a rational mood.

4.  At first it will feel difficult if you are not used to listening and discussing rather than shouting.

5.  Finding the words to express how you feel about an issue maybe difficult too especially if you’re not used to being listened to or having to explain your behaviour.

6.  Taking responsibility for your actions and words seems to be difficult for many people as it is easier to blame someone else for what you have done. Using your partner or friend as a scapegoat is not good at all.  If you did it or said it then you are responsible for the consequences.

7.  Once you get into a habit to discuss your issues your life will become easier as you realise the love you have is more important than arguing and hurting each other.

How do you cool an argument when it is starting?

1.  The best thing you can do is walk away and say we will talk later when we calmer.

2.  You have to realise that your love is worth more than an argument.

3.  Majority of arguments have no value in life as they are influenced by the mind or ego which is destructive.

4.   Having the strength to keep quiet is important keep thinking of how much you love them and you would not want to say words to hurt them simply because you want to make a point or win the argument or maintain your dominance.

5.  If you have had a peaceful time and then arguments or snapping at each other begin to start take the initiative to say

“I think we need to sit and talk, I feel something is upsetting you.”

The issue maybe external to your relationship but is impacting your partners emotions and moods.  As you love them then it is important to spend time listening to them work through their issue.

Love is the most important part of a good relationship it should be cherished above everything else.  Maintaining this loving environment takes work, understanding and you have to listen to each other remember both views are important.  Talk in a rational way and in a loving way.

If the argument is more important to you then be prepared for your relationship to end with unrepairable broken hearts.  The need to have conflict in your life or the person you are with makes you furious then you should consider leaving the relationship before too much damage and emotional scarring is done.  Some relationships thrive on conflict but these relationships are fooling themselves if they believe love exists between them.

Also put this into practices with your friends too. Afterall the friendship is worth more than the argument.

My life forced me to develop this method of communicating as the arguments with the dominant people in my life were making me seriously ill.  I had to bring more peace into my life.  It worked. I also apply this with my friends too sitting and discussing issues when we are not seeing each other clearly helps to maintain healthy friendships.

You have the choice to Love or to Argue !

I choose love every time

 Simply be you, live your life simply



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