Looking for Spiritual Truths?

God wants to talk to you

When you go along your spiritual paths so often tempted to venture along different routes because they are different and look appealing.

But are they?

Over the years I have looked at different forms of spirituality as the “church” failed me.  God and Yeshua never failed me.

I looked at Buddhism and I knew this was not for me I did not want another religion.  The teaching often had words I did not understand.

Why didn’t I understand the words, because they were in Tibetan?  I got fed-up of looking at the appendix or glossary for the meaning of the words.  Did these words really mean what had been translated?  I had no idea except I felt uncomfortable with it all.

God kept telling me your own language is enough. You do not need to speak to me in foreign words and words you have no understanding.

As usually I found another so-called “master” and again I enjoyed reading the books and it came to that important point of not understanding what I was summoning or invoking.

Again God spoke to me this time more strongly.

Why do still try to speak to me in a language you do not understand?

Do you not realise how dangerous this is for you?  You cannot even pronounce the words properly so what do you think you will be calling or invoking?

You do not even really understand what kind of spirits you are calling into your life and what hazards you open yourself to.  You are doing this because friend A is doing this.

This is what happens when you follow the crowd you lose yourself and identity.

God emphasised again speak to me in your own language, pray to me in your own language.  You understand what you are saying and not some misleading phraseology which has no meaning to you.

This is for those who believe they need a “spiritual name”.  The name you have been given is your spiritual name and God loves it.

I had a friend who went to see a guru in London it was a large meeting. My friend followed anyone.  At the event attendees were being given the spiritual names.  You know it, my friend went up to the podium and asked the guru what was her spiritual name.  The guru said see those strips of paper on the floor pick one and it will be your spiritual name.  What a con!  My friend was so happy on return with her spiritual name.

Can you see how easily it is to take advantage of innocent or naive people?

Eventually I had to walk away from this friend as she became one chapter of incidents after another.

Who you are is enough!  The relationship is between you and the Almighty not through the glossary of some book you do not understand.

The relationship is simple.  Whatever your native language is, use it to talk with God. Keep it simple.

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