Drawing Together of Souls

Joining Souls

The Soul is all-knowing  and understanding of YOUR existence from the beginning of time, NOW and forever.into the future.

Everything about yourself is within your Soul which is just a facet among the sea of jewels manifested by Our Heavenly Father.


Time for Separation

Now is the time of separation from those who are harmful to you or no longer looking in the same direction as you.  You must keep removing unwanted people, things and environments from your path in order to follow Our Heavenly Father’s guidance and direction.  Then some new or friends  which moved away are beginning to reconnect for the journey.  The relationships are able to regrow as the entanglements of life have been removed and once again you are able to see each other clearly. Sometimes we separate from those who are good for us to allow us to grow independently and then are brought back together as we have a firm understanding of each other and an unbreakable connection.

You have to be prepared to take up your mission as defined by Our Heavenly Father.  Your are unique not a copy of another.  Replication and copies are NOT manifested by Our Heavenly Father.  Those who have the need to copy and plagiarise or have been cloned are NOT of Our Heavenly Father.

Soul Groups

Drawing Together

The facets are drawing together; gaining strength.  You are all learning from each other.  It should make you happy to see your knowledge shared and teachings being applied in other’s lives.

There is a difference in the plagiarist who shares other’s work to boost ego, money and failing career.  Whereas, Soul Group Members applying shared knowledge in their lives and spreading the sacred wisdom.

The Soul Group Member realises they must apply the knowledge to their life to progress and understand themselves more.  Many Soul Group Members are experiencing similar issues as we walk on parallel paths, knowing you are all looking in the same direction.

God Provides

Our Heavenly Father provides for the birds of the air so does He provides for His jewels.

As the facets reconnect once again across the Earth and in the Divine Spiritual Kingdom/Universal Consciousness so you help each other to go forward in the Name of Yeshua.

Soul Recognition

Soul Recognition is all important knowing who you are and the realisation of who the other Souls are.  Note well ! we are not mirror images of each other.  Though we may have similar features.  The recognition is with the eyes the windows of the Soul and the Soul Centers the energy being transmitted.

Soul recognition is not just about relationships with a life partner it is about those who are our friends, animals, plants and birds etc. Too much emphasis is on partners, love relationships and having children.  It is more important we follow the Divine, the Holy Spiritual Kingdoms, Elohim, Yahweh learning who we are and where we are going.  We are all brought to work together for the Universal Consciousness, for the betterment of mankind and we have to learn how to do this on a higher level.

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(Something so simple as chosing eyes became a difficult chore.  Too many people are using coloured contact lenses to change the colour of their eyes, why for goodness sake it does not make you look better, just weird and it does not make your eyes shine more either.   I have done a broad cross-section of good eyes)

The jewels, the facets are scattered across the Earth they have been born into different races, religions and belief systems.  Many have chosen just to follow Our Heavenly Father as they feel it is less complicated and the guidance is direct without the misinterpretation of one who puts themselves between the followers and God.

We have to be mindful in who we connect to for those who work with and practice the dark arts are not welcome. There are reprisals for doing this.

Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved





8 thoughts on “Drawing Together of Souls

  1. New World Ascending says:

    The soul is a fascinating piece of artwork. Since it is shared with Yahweh, it is omnipresent, though few use it in such a manner. It is capable of discerning any spirit which it comes in contact.

    I agree, there are souls, individuals, from many different backgrounds that we will come together with today. These have one thing in common, a living connection to The Most High. These are the co-creators of the new world.

    The disconnected are bunching too, but not as One, but as carbon copies, feeling as if groups lend them some degree of safety. Unfortunately the opposite is true.

    We are each a member of the Infinite. To that whole we each occupy a unique position. Our unique attributes coming directly from Source is what makes us so valuable. We are to share these to strengthen the whole. The gems are being collected, until the full picture of the Infinite is complete. As the full assembly comes together, the Kingdom naturally manifests.

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