Crystal Healing is pillaging the Earth


Why do Healers believe it is important to use Crystals when healing?

So many are drawn into buying Crystals it has become an obsession to use crystals in spiritual work and healing.  Ashamedly, I am guilty of buying crystals, yes, did not know any better at the time. I followed the ignorant crowd this was in my early days.  God taught me I should not buy them.   I found it hard to walk into a shop selling crystals each crystal seemed to be calling to me, perhaps they just wanted to get out of the shop environment.

The Power !

The use of crystals has been greatly overrated many believe the crystals empower them making them more powerful.  People would buy the Amethyst Churches or Geods as they are known, believing it made them more spiritually powerful.  The truth is a crystal can only work to the potential of the user not the other way around.

Tumble Stones Crystals

Ha, working with crystals should be natural.  I would find when I attended groups I could get more from one of these tiny tumble stones than those working with a large crystal trying to show their power. I would send energy through the crystal and it would blast the recipient.  Basically there is no point in using crystals at all.  I did not need a crystal to do this kind of healing.   I could project the healing energy myself from God.

The only power comes from God and the Divine as God is the ultimate power.  Your Soul holds all your potential and is the only power you have comes from God.  So does size matter as many believe the larger the crystal i.e Geod and Church sizes make you more powerful in fact the only things which is becoming powerful through this thought is your ego.


I used to have quite a collection of crystals and they take some cleansing each has to be cleansed regularly in certain ways and even if they are cleansed many of the energies clash with each other.

I used to have one just like the photo above and I could make the colour of the crystal become white when I held it.

Lacey Calcite

Even more so with Lacey Calcite above I could change the colour of this from white, to pink, lavender, blue, golden.  This was really fun, people who owned the crystal shops got a big kick out of this, yet they did not understand what was happening.

Too many Crystals?

What will this do to you?  It can cause chaos in your life, sickness, become ungrounded, dizziness, headaches, nausea and disorientation.

Crystals are part of the Earth’s functionality, she needs to have the crystals intact to be able to cleanse, heal, repair, destroy toxins just like our body.  Remember the Earth is a living breathing being with a Soul.  Earth is like many of us changing, releasing, cleansing and trying to detox with a very polluted and damaged body.

Can you imagine what it would like if vital parts of you were removed, ah exactly you would die.  This is the same thing happening to the Earth you breaking up her reserves and vital parts.

Is it possible to connect with the crystals in the Earth?

There are those who have inner knowledge and are able to use the crystals from wherever they are.  They have no need to dig up crystals for their personal use.  New Agers have caused the Earth to be hacked and raped to satisfy their need to be powerful or to follow an unhealthy trend.  At the end of the day New Age is MONEY and always bad money no matter what is on offer.

Crystal Healing Courses have become the trend, if you are a natural healer you do not need crystals nor do you need courses. You have all the potential within your Soul to heal.  The healing should come direct from God and the Divine only.

How can anyone give lessons on using Crystals ?  Either you have the inner knowledge or you do not.  The best part they test the attendees on their ability to use crystals.  MONEY  people again.


How do you assess the use of crystals?

How can you assess something which is undefinable to get a meaningless and worthless certificate at the end of the course which ultimately proves nothing apart from attending a New Age Course.

The courses have become popular as we live in a society which needs to see you have passed a test or exam to prove you know what you are doing.  In the spiritual arts the truth is all the certificates are worthless as they prove nothing as the spiritual arts cannot be defined.  Hoe can yo assess something which cannot be seen or even felt by many.

How does God Teach us?

God teaches His students and God has created Healers with the potential in their Soul.

How does God teach?  Through prayer and sleep or dream time, conversations with God, not through meditation or playing with crystals.

Please consider the Earth before you dash out and buy crystals.  If you are a natural healer you really do not need them.

Time to stop following the crowd.  Time to unfold your Soul and your potential.

Stop pillaging the Earth.

© 2015 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “Crystal Healing is pillaging the Earth

  1. New World Ascending says:

    As a natural healer, I’ve never even considered working with crystals. The energy from Yeshua just flows through me, usually in lock step with spiritual hearing. Before spiritual hearing came into play I could not do this.

    Lately I’m noticing a different trend in the spiritual. Where we (my wife and I – both healers) used to use laying on of hands to transfer Yahweh’s energy, now (me in particular) we just move that energy spiritually anywhere on the planet as needed. Healing of our own bodies often happens automatically too, in areas where we hadn’t paid attention to necessary upgrades.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Yes so true, I have distant healing is the way forward for healing. directing or projecting healing to people anywhere in the world.

      As the serious change workers are cleansing it is not good to do contact healing as cleansing or not they transfer negative or demonic entities to and from their client.

      I got caught up with crystals from spiritualist church and healing associations.

      I do not have anything now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • New World Ascending says:

        I agree.

        As I was thinking about this right now, I was also talking to Yeshua. I was informed that there has been a change. Rather than relying on a middleman, we can go direct. This means we can project energy in agreement with Yeshua and it will be as effective as being there. On the flip side, regarding ourselves. He is there, we just have to tap in and ask what the will of Almighty is. Instructions will come. Done.

        In regard to crystals, I was hearing this. Crystals amplify the natural resonance of earth and the spirit. Those already operating in Spirit do not need this resonance, as they already have the amplified version.

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  2. Infinite Living says:

    “each crystal seemed to be calling to me, perhaps they just wanted to get out of the shop environment.” I loved what you said with this! So many things ring true to me in your post. True that Earth is a living breathing entity and true that you either have the knowing or you don’t – this kind of knowledge cannot be learned through another.

    I am so glad to find your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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