Yeshua Welcomes All


Now and in future times to come.  Yeshua/Jesus is open to welcome all who are good regardless of their belief system.  Many people are of the opinion Yeshua/Jesus  is exclusive to Christians and this is incorrect.

At the end of times we see the nations being divided, families and friends divided the sheep (Good Souls) and goats (bad and evil entities).

Yeshua wants you to know he welcomes all, you who seek redemption, deliverance, forgiveness and healing for the wrongs you have committed.

Even if you do not follow a religion but you still believe in God the Divine, Light of All Lights, Universal Consciousness or you believe in goodness, kindness and compassion you too can turn to Yeshua to seek His love, redemption and protection. Ask for His support in all things.  Yeshua will take you into the fold or community of the lamb for you belong with the chosen.

Many people feel they are unable to approach Jesus/Yeshua as they feel He is attached only to the Christians.  All the Good Souls come under his protection and guidance.

Have no fear and reach out to Yeshua and ask for His help in all things.




Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved

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