Why I Do not Meditate?



The Colours depicted on the Astral Plane. This will discourage anyone from meditating.

Many people are choosing meditation especially within the New Age Arena, therefore, is it good!

Many New Age people are like muppets bouncing from one side of the stage to the other with their mouth open.  The New Age is becoming more known for its relationship with darkness.

What about people who do not meditate?

There are people who do not meditate, we do not hear about these.  Yet they manage to progress very well on their Spiritual Journey without it.  Is meditation a fallacy?

When I first started to learn about Mediumship many years ago at the Spiritualist Church I went to they had courses for meditation.  I found it quite easy to do receiving so much information back.  Everything seemed wonderful and the spiritual world appeared to be  beautiful. Meditation was all the rage then and still is.

I could not meditate

It all stopped. Why  and what had I done to change things.  I started working with my Soul and the soul does not need meditation. The other interesting point, from being a child I had never been able to sit cross-legged, no matter how I tried to.  I now call this pose the Baphomet position, as this is where it originated eons ago.

All meditations take you onto the Astral Plane which is predominantly controlled by evil.  You will enter the many realms of illusion and delusion. They will be beautifully created to stroke your ego.  You will receive messages which are exactly the same as everyone elses, nothing new.  You will think you are an amazing visionary, budding prophet. I have read so many posts to that effect.


Removing the veils of illusion and delusion

I removed the veils of illusion and delusion between myself and evil, therefore, I could see the Astral Plan as it really is.” It is disgusting full of evil this is what you see when you look through your Third Eye.

Unless you have removed the veils between you and evil you will spend wasted hours in the realms of illusion and delusion fulfilling your fantasies of what you “expect” to see in spirit.


There is only one safe way to meditate or enter a higher spiritual realm and that is to by-pass the Astral Plane.  I have had “Spiritual practitioners’ on Facebook talk me down on this saying you have to go through the Astral Plane.  The chances of ever getting through the Astral is very remote and becoming more impossible as evil moves their spawn.  You have to learn to by-pass it.  Very difficult to traverse the realms of illusion and delusion as there are so many twists and turns which will keep you mentally there.  Note mentally as the Astral Plane feeds the mind the negative entity within you.  The Astral Plane turns into a maze of deception.  It is where you will meet your beautiful angels who are demons in disguise.  I know many will not like this, please note I was duped too until  Soul blocked my viewing on the Astral Plane and cleared the veils away.

astral 1

I now analyse what the Divine transmits to me.  I do not waste time meditating but spend more time asking questions to seek more understanding of others and myself.  If I need to relax and calm down I take a short nap.

This is why I have a different view on life than most.  I know how to do this  through working with my Soul.

Psychic Attack is frequent from the Astral Plane and whilst meditating.  Many renowned groups suck off or syphon energy from people who are meditating, this is why people who suffer from chronic fatigue or similar related illness are always fatigued as meditation is recommended as an aid to overcome chronic fatigue etc. you only become entrapped into a web of energy vampires.  You should thoroughly research meditation groups to see what their background is and as many are into mind control through meditation.

What are you connecting to in your meditative state?

We are all told meditation is good for us and I used to believe this, but as my connection with my own Soul strengthened I found it harder to meditate.  If I prepared everything as we are told to do and sit quietly more often than not I fell asleep.  I am sure there will be many explanations for this happening i.e the mind is not strong enough.

From my understanding meditation is to pacify the mind.  The mind is a negative entity and why would we want to please it.  Every negative thought we have is pleasing the mind and going into a meditative state is empowering the mind.  If you allow the mind to override the soul then you are walking on a very negative path.

Your Soul needs to override your mind and your soul needs pacifying and uplifting.

How do you uplift your Soul?

Prayers to God or the Divine not through meditation uplift your Soul igniting happiness from within.

Only the Divine can feed your soul with guidance, wisdom and strengthens your connection to the Divine and God.

Peace and happiness come from the soul not the mind. A strong soul which is allowed to control the mind.

One of the best examples of prayer comes from the Holy Virgin Mary

“My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.”

(From the Magnificat Luke 1 : 46-55)

The head should be flowing with positive thoughts and creativity.  The negative chatter of the mind has to stop and feeding the mind only brings more negative chatter from the links you unknowingly connect to.

Guided meditations do you know for sure where you are traveling to on the Astral Plane or do you blindly follow these meditations without question first everything is beautiful you go to paradises the spiritual realms show you pictures and scenes to pacify your mind and your mind is pleased to be connected into the grid or web of negativity.

The more I connected to my soul and the stronger my connection with God became my soul rejected the meditations and I no longer meditate.  I have found peace and happiness from loving God.  I refuse to pacify my mind with all its negativity but to control it.

My intuition one of the many facets of the soul have become heightened from strengthening my connection God.

Many meditation movements groups or followings, the leaders draw energy from women to do sexual rituals.  Surprisingly enough women are often the majority who follow these groups.  I was shocked to learn that even Buddhism has its own fundamentalist extremist groups which are very scary indeed this has been kept well hidden.

Would I meditate now, definitely not, being part of a massive meditative grid and network is like being trapped as the film Matrix showed human batteries feeding the source or the greater good as it is termed.

I find it most amusing that Katie Perry is now a focus for meditation stating when as she meditates she feels a halo.  The energy behind is a demon not a halo, this is what happens in meditation.  I used to feel it.  The demon would be locking into the Pituitary Gland to connect and guide.  Some people think it is a spirit guide. Anything coming from the Astral Plane is a demon, they are so good at dressing things up.


Below is Baphomet in a meditative pose.  Creepy isn’t it!


I work in a very different way taught by God through my Soul.

Simply be you, live your life simply.


© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



7 thoughts on “Why I Do not Meditate?

  1. New World Ascending says:

    Interesting post. As for me, I’ve never meditated in the usual sense, though my prayer is not in the usual sense either. I do not have a one-sided conversation of help me’s and give me’s, but rather a face to face with Yahweh. It’s simply a conversation that is as natural as one I might have with you. I find this kind of prayer, using spiritual hearing, an inner spiritual sense that we all have been endowed with, but few have awakened, somewhat like meditation.

    I’m not clearing my mind or going onto the astral. I do go into a dream state at night. It is where much of my prophetic information comes from. It keeps me abreast of movements happening in heaven that affects earth. But I am tuning in and allowing that which is going on around me to fade out. When I pray, I pray with eyes open, and with arms up in a position to receive. I am not disappointed.

    As for me, I too cannot sit in the lotus position. It doesn’t work. Now I know why. Thanks for that bit on Baphomet.

    I think we have to be careful on wording. I’ve observed over the years that black and white processing of spiritual information can be stunting to the soul’s growth. We cannot look at things in black and white, but in alignment with the Creator. This seems to be Universal. I’ve never seen darkness do anything but take concepts from heaven and turn them in the opposite direction. That means that doing things is not necessarily good or bad, but our doing must be understood by our Being.

    It is the spiritual world that reigns. We just have to tap into the side that is Light. It’s the original, the powerful, and the only side headed in the right direction.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      You make me smile. We seem to be traveling in similar ways. I do not pray with my eyes closed. I sit comfortably to give and receive. I have one to one with Yahweh, Lord Yeshua and the Universal Consciousness.

      I try to keep wording simple so people understand basics. Speaking above their heads is not always good.

      I have seen things done by darkness to harm and block. I have had to work through them strengthening is the outcome. I moved on to accept your terminology after analysing it. The concepts sat comfortably within myself.

      Regardless how much negativity is thrown at us, we have to as you say keep to the side of Light and keep moving in the right direction.

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      • New World Ascending says:

        I so agree Nanette. There is a spiritual world out there of both darkness and Light. Darkness is helpless, even defenceless, so it’s only rule of order is deception and trying to appear to be that which it is not.

        It is good to be aware of what is happening behind the scenes, behind the veil, on both sides for that matter. We are integral to the outcome, especially if we can see into the spiritual realms.

        You mention seeing things done by darkness to harm and block. I totally relate. This is an ongoing process, one that we regularly circumvent. We are captains of the Host in this capacity, and only few see into these pictures.

        We’re always shown what to do in all situations. Moving in alignment with the Creator keeps turning the battle onto the side of Elohim/The Mighty Ones.

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