What is Empathy?

So you think your an Empath do you!


What is Empathy?

Empathy is part of a Natural Healer’s Soul as created by Our Heavenly Father.  It brings with it great responsibility in the Natural Healing Arts.  Empath is natural to the soul who has this innate talent or gift.  There is no choice in being an Empath, you are, and that is how you were created.  Empathy is in the blood or DNA if you have RH Negative Blood then you could well be an Empath.

There are about 5,000 Empaths on Earth. You think there are more, I thought so too.  I was informed through my Soul this is correct.

What makes an Empath different?

The Empath will have their own unique style of healing and will be guided by Our Heavenly Father/Divine and their own soul in how to perform their healing.

When an Empath is healing a client they are able to see into the physical body or the soul projects a crystal body showing where the ailments are this is done through the Third Eye or Visual Center of the Empath.

This is what an Empath is able to do naturally.  The Crystal Body is clear something similar to the head below but more like the crystal ball beneath it.  The Soul in conjunction with the Divine Spiritual Kingdom will project a crystal image like the body showing the organs. This is for the Empath to review the client.  The body will show areas of illness, disease and structural damage to enable the Empath to relate to the client.

Other healers obtain information from the mind of their client and hot or cold energy areas on the client.

Crystal Body Projected in Healing

The imagery is projected through the Visual Center of the Empath.

Third Eye Projection

As you can see it is a strong beam of White Light, Divine Light.  This happens naturally for an Empath they receive no training to do this.

During the healing session the Empath will feel on or in their body the pain, illness symptoms, disease, emotional being of their client. As photograph below and will be able to relate this to their client often getting to the root cause.


When performing Distant Healing the White Light blasts from the Empaths Visual Center to the person requiring healing and it is a solid block of White Light. Unlike the weaker strain of light from an average healer which is emitted from their hands. Below is an example of a vortex of White Light or Divine Light projected over the person requiring healing.  The effect of the Distant Healing often gives immediate relief.  I have done this myself and had reports back the next day.

Distant Healing

Empathy is about healing.  It is a higher level of healing.  Empathy cannot be taught and if anyone is offering lessons in Empathy they are a fraud.

The New Age Arena as always jumps on the bandwagon of chaos.  They are evil’s greatest supporters.  They state everyone is an Empath, it is a feeling therefore  we get people jumping up and down talking about being an Empathy inferring it is feeling the entire world and everyone in it has this ability, this is so wrong.

I have to say this, definitely NO Empaths among those who do the demonic Reiki Rituals. Remember this is a Soul’s innate talent or gift given by the Divine.

What are majority of Good Soul’s experiencing?

As people develop on their spiritual journey they become sensitive especially those who have taken the time to work on cleansing themselves of issues, illnesses and psychological problems. These people become Highly Sensitive to their own environment and the environment around them.  Slowly they begin to feel and sense more.  They become in tune with all the good souls on the Earth.  They naturally show a great deal of sympathy, understanding and compassion as this is opened up within them as they cleanse and release their past and move onto the new change. This is not Empathy but the New Age would have you believe it. This is being Sympathetic. You can demonstrate sympathy to try and help others to become kinder.

I have done years of cleansing and have become Highly Sensitive this is what majority of people are dealing with.  It can be very uncomfortable or alarming especial when you are in negative environments or with bad and evil people. This is why people are withdrawing from socialising and becoming as society loves to call us introverts, loners and those who prefer isolation.  To be honest staying at home is often a better option than socialising with bad or evil.  I like people, good people those who wish none harm.  They are fun and exciting to be with.

Non-Empathic Natural Healers

There are many Natural Healers who are not Empaths.  There work is good and valuable to help the good on this Earth.  Other Natural healers will have unique innate talents  which may include Earth, Animal, and Environment Healing.  Again this is natural to them.  They have a unique way of communicating with nature and nature communicating to them.  There are so many differing aspects to healing we could go on forever.

Suffering from symptoms of Sensitivity

This is for those who believe they are an Empath and it is a curse.  You are not an Empath you are suffering from becoming more sensitive.  The symptoms are very alarming indeed and if you are connected to your soul this should not be a problem either.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

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20 thoughts on “What is Empathy?

  1. New World Ascending says:

    This is an interesting take and one that I have personally never heard before. I’m not saying I agree or disagree, but only that it is different.

    As a healer myself, and yes I have been involved in healings a half a world away from me, I can see and sense a person’s energy anywhere around the world if I choose to tune into it. This ability was not always there. I’m not sure when I picked it up, but I have to say my first knowledge of its availability was when I began to pick up energy signatures around me. At first this was a little depressing as most energy out there is dark and heavy, but once I realized what it was I began to manage it. Now the outside energy doesn’t bother me as I know where my feelings end and where other’s begin.

    As for the New Age I agree that in most cases they operate on the wrong side of the equation, but then again, this would be my conclusion to most religion. You can’t get to the heart from the husk. The New Age does mask some important truth by diversions.

    To conclude, I think every healer is unique and different. Some are shams, but that is the case everywhere we turn. I’m not cognizant of a white light, but very cognizant of an energy flowing through me in these circumstances from Source. I often see Shekina glory in these circumstances which is like a multicoloured cloud in the presence of The Most High. I do sense people’s energy wherever they are around the world, and combined with spiritual hearing I can tell one’s character wherever they reside. I won’t even begin a healing without an open energy signature. That is futile.

    I will be considering the things you’ve mentioned above. Thanks for your honesty.

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    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      I am enjoying your responses. I analyse everything from my soul and this is where I receive my answers. This makes me contraversial to some but refreshing to others. Either way I only wish to help.
      Healing transcends the Earth and Spiritual Realms. As a healer we open ourselves to the entirity of the Spiritual Kingdoms.

      I do not follow any form of religion and feel that Shekinah and Ishtar are similar. I would like to get to the beginnings of the Earth before the Bible as it is only one story there must be others with a very different thinking as life existed on Earth before Adam and Eve perhaps not in that part of the world.

      Life is opening up in so many different ways.

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      • New World Ascending says:

        As for me, I don’t follow any religion. In fact, as time progresses I learn more about different belief systems, but subscribe to none. The familiarity helps in connecting with people.

        I’ve found this so far, …the different religions are not all that dissimilar if one looks at them from the spiritual perspective. All contain truth and error and more error seems to evolve into each one as they are affected by time. So I’ve gone back to original manuscripts, templates, stones even, as much as I can to get a clearer picture.

        Back in 2010 I was given a very clear mandate to do this in the Spirit. I would not have done it otherwise as I did not personally wish to be led astray by error. Yahweh told me this: Do the research and He/She would point out the truth and the error. The system has worked marvellously. There are so many tiny details to parse, that without the Infinite’s guidance would be near impossible to get it right.

        As to to Shekina, it is a form of Glory in Yahweh’s presence. I see it every night as I ask for the Infinite to guide me in my revelation and understanding of the Universe. Ishtar on the other hand is just another name for the Babylonian diety Semiramis. This relates to stars, and stars are angels no doubt (found this in ancient literature), but Shekina is not the presence of angels, good or bad, but the presence of the Spirit of The Most High itself. I have witnessed it’s presence since the day I came into the prophetic.

        I use the Bible as one of many historic books. The Bible is not an original book as many make the error of believing it is. The information in it comes from many earlier sources. The most ancient accounts we have on earth today are probably Sumerian in nature. The Book of Enoch also survives from before the flood and is one of the earliest manuscripts. There are others as well.

        Do I believe that life existed before the Adam and Eve account? Yes I do, but not in the form we now experience it. The generations before that time lived in different dimensions from what we now see as physical reality. There are evidences everywhere that this plane was occupied before that time, but we have a hard time getting a handle on it from the physical perspective because before that it wasn’t primarily physical, but rather a spiritual environment.

        The time between Adam and Eve to shortly after the flood still blended the two realities to some extent, but the former died around the time of the fall of Egypt.

        I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the gist. 😉

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        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          As far as religion goes similar to you I have researched them and moved on still remain in connection with God/Yahweh, and Yeshua,

          I am trying to reseach more about the beginnings and this is what have have found through soul search:

          This is what I was asked to write on here a couple of days ago.

          The flood was pinnacle with the Earth’s tilt and change of poles from east to west, to north to south as they are now.

          Can you please continu conversations on my email which is on my contact page of my website.
          These comments are on another’s post.

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