Unification of Christian Churches.

The Lord wants Unification of ALL Christian Churches.  This is an impressive post  by Laura Bon.

Revelations and Messages 3 3: The Unification The Church The Lord has been consistently telling me that He wants the unification of Christian churches all over the world. He said to me ‘this needs to happen before the second coming of Christ. It is vital and extremely necessary.” As part of that future event, He…

via The Unification Of The Church — Laura Bon

9 thoughts on “Unification of Christian Churches.

  1. New World Ascending says:

    I’m sorry, this is nonsense and the total opposite of what Yahweh has been speaking and showing me. The Lord does not need a church, nor did he ever want one. When David thought to build him a fancy building, He stated it plainly, “I cannot be contained in buildings made by hand.”

    The word translated “church” in the New Testament comes from the Greek word ecclesia. Ecclesia means called out. Church as we have come to know it means called in. Complete opposites. Why? Because church as it is today is a Roman/Babylonian contrivance. Those are its roots.

    Noah and his family were told to spread out when disembarking from the ark. It was the opposite, coming together, that caused ancient Babylon to become the template of all evil world empires past that point.

    Jesus never built nor called for a congregation of any kind. His disciples for the first 500 years after his death did an independent work. All were ministers in the way they were individually gifted. The ecclesia were able to grow like wildfire under this format. It was the Romans that united them, and gave them churches and idols to worship. They lost their power in the process and were persecuted without no one to help them.

    What Yahweh wants is simple, an independent people, able to use their gifting at will, unified by One Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. It’s really simple.

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    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Thank you for this information and reminder for me. Though the “church” does need cleaning. I do not believe in attending church though I did many years ago. My home is my sanctuary or in nature. I cannot abide being in close proximity to others as it is a state of being open spiritually in a building or a church. Communing in the open is better but not always convenient. Religion has moved in a different direction from Jesus’ original teachings.

      I prefer to connect to the God Light rather than the Christ Light. I love to work with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it is amazing.

      Thanks for you, bless you.

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      • New World Ascending says:

        Interesting thoughts. I left the (Christian) churches long ago. I actually trained to be a minister at one point until I realized how phoney that position actually is. Never once is it commanded or recommended in Scripture. How did it come about? It is actually an invention of the other side. Middlemen aren’t needed and where they appear, they usually lead souls astray.

        The building is another one of those misconceptions pulled from darkness. When you think of it, it is ludicrous. We have an Omnipresent God, but we have to go to a specific building to “meet” Him. What a crock! Wherever a soul is, the Infinite is present.

        Perhaps that is why you feel the presence at home or in nature. That’s where we gain our true connection.

        My understanding of God has evolved over the years. I generally don’t use the word “God” too much though I understand what people are trying to convey when they use it.

        From Scripture anyway, God is a a translation from the word Elohim, which translated to its original meaning is “The Mighty Ones”. El is the short version. It’s not singular, but plural, including not only the main Spirit, but also all who dwell in it.
        God, on the other hand, can be any god including all the little g gods in the pantheon.

        I defer from this thinking personally, and will use original names or equal concepts such as Yahweh (The Self-Existent Ones – again plural), the Universe, the Infinite, The Most High, or variations thereof.

        Concerning Jesus, since that name was added as late as the 1600s and means nothing, I usually defer to the original Yeshua, which means Self-Existent Salvation, and that is the Spirit behind the Name. As far as using the word Christ goes, I use this on occasion as it means Anointing/Anointed. It signifies the Spirit Anointing dwelling within Yeshua and us if we are connected.

        Concerning Jesus Christ of Nazareth/Yeshua that is the principle Spirit I work with. That’s the one who dwells inside all who come into the Family of The Most High.

        It is a blessing talking with you about this.

        Love and Light!

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        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          I agree with you middlemen are not needed I do not need an interpreter to go between the God and myself, it is a direct link. The message being relayed to me is for me not an entire congregation.

          I a pleased you have explained in more detail about Yahweh and Yeshua. I have in the past looked into this. Did prefer call Jesus, Yeshua.

          I have found since I renewed my connection to Jeshua things in my life have really changed. The incident with the cooker fire was indeed a miracle. I was fortunate my dress was wet and how I do not know or I would have been burned my feet caught the flames slightly but not seriously. I see the protection being put in. many tests happened that week.

          I am enjoying this discussion too.

          By the Grace and Blessings of God.

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