Earth the Glory Times


Souls, that is Good Souls have many facets within them all are unique even though there may be similar qualities within the Spiritual Bodies of the Aura.  The Aura contains the personality of a person which is developed over incarnations and often the blueprint for physical features, which means you look similar every time you reincarnate.  Though naturally, there will be difference in appearance between male and female genders.

Many Souls maintain the same gender especially the old and ancient souls, they have learned their lessons and have a good understanding of each gender and are given a preferred gender choice.

The Holy Spiritual Kingdoms where all Good Souls originate from is like looking at a sea of jewels, shining sparkling and emitting soul love to all.  You see you do not realise how beautiful you are.  All the time spent on this Earth you are conditioned not to shine, to lose faith in yourself, to turn away from God and the Divine, as they are your only hope to survive this planet.

Back in time

I am going to travel back in time within my Soul and this is what God has asked me to do.


Did you know the Earth was the most harmonious place to be before evil integrated itself on the planet?

Glory Times

The times of glory and manifestation on a land deemed to be so beautiful and nurturing for all who visited.  As you can still see there is so much beauty on Earth it must have been an haven and spectacular sight to behold before evil got to grips with Earth.

What were the beings like?  Who came to Earth? What was their purpose?

The Earth was divided into differing territories and each worked in harmony with the other.  Their skills complimented each other and they were territories for progression, the learning areas for types of manifestation.

What were the beings on Earth?

They were supreme beings of manifestation both as guardians and instructors they had responsibility of the training of new souls who were also created as higher or supreme beings.  Earth was a major part for creation. The environments had been manifested by the early beings to be perfect for growth, stimulation and inspiration for each new soul and their designated areas of responsibility.  They are creator beings or supreme manifestors.  These beings are on Earth NOW.  They are innovative, creative and desirous of change and making changes.


Twin Flames Heterosexual

The supreme beings were Twin Flames that is male and female Souls derived from one soul and divided into two by God Divine to create the perfect pair.  This was done not only as companionship but to create the highest skilled manifestors.

Twin Flames Same Gender

Then there were the same gender Souls they were either both male or both female.  These souls were responsible for manifesting the highest masculine energy or feminine energy on Earth.  Again they were Twin Flames and God Divided the original soul into two as with the male and female only difference being they were the same gender.

Twin Flames Numbers

There are very few Supreme Twin Flames on Earth.  Society as usual is making a mockery of the number of Twin Flames on Earth by encouraging people to think everyone has a Twin Flame, No is the answer.


What was the appearance?

What was their appearance like, they could appear as solid like you and I or hologram transparent energy.  This the description of  Supreme Twin Flames as they were an average height and looked luminous shimmering and shining. Open, smooth, soft and gentle faces with multifaceted eyes.   They were ageless as the lived in a timeless environment.

These beings were focused on manifesting and teaching young souls to be the best they could be, as they had learned in previous times gone by.


Reproduction was through manifestation and only souls were created to fulfill a necessity of inhabiting new planets or star systems.  This was done through Soul Love and not as it is today, there was nothing physical.  Therefore, each Soul type had no problem reproducing their own kind.  It would be decided at a planetary meeting as to how many of each soul type would be required and what their prime function would be.  The souls would be manifested, simple.

These Supreme Beings of the Same Gender are full of Soul love, they are not perverted in any way, far from it.  They have a strong sense of nurturing and educating young souls or people as in today.

Perversion was introduced by evil and is prevalent in Heterosexual and Same Gender alike.  Perverted beings were created by evil and not by God. Perversion is one of the many despicable qualities of bad or evil people and has been used to turn God’s souls or people against Him.



As the young souls were schooled the new planets would be manifested into being ready for the final touches to be added by the new inhabitants.

The young souls would be sent to their new location where they created harmonious and flourishing environments for animals and plants to grow, learn and expand their souls.  All was in tune with the other.  They are great energy workers and have a higher understanding of the use of Feminine and Masculine Energies and work with the Holy Spiritual Kingdoms.


What did they eat?

What food did they eat as you expect it was manifested energy which kept them and the planet functioning in prime capacity. No one ate plants, animals, and birds.  It was forbidden as they are considered our equal.

Though this changed when evil arrived as they needed to eat food to live. This is why we cannot be critical of people’s diet as the more evil took control of the planet and the creation of inhabitants on the planet. The order of  Life was destroyed.

I will be writing more posts on various aspects of the soul.  I started to write a book about this a few years ago.  These are extracts from my book.

Simple be you, live your life simply

© 2018  Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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