Introduction to the Soul

Joining Souls

Working with your Soul is the only way.

I have been channeling from my soul now for at least 30 years.  All my work is original I find writing the inspiration from my Soul easy and it just flows.  When I work with other Good Souls I connect to their soul in a respectful way.  I refuse to abuse the right of access and only retrieve permitted information required to help them go forward.  I am only interested in their own good.  Being a busybody is forbidden. There are certain protocols which have to be adhered to when working with others.

What is a Soul ?

The Soul is the correct expression for your true essence created by God.  I created the photograph above as I could not find any pictures or photographs that did the beauty of the soul justice.  The soul is a magnificent orb of brilliant white light, made in the image of God’s Light a brilliant white light with no darkness.

The Soul contains all the information you will ever need to know on how to progress, cleanse and release illness and issues.  Soul knows your past, present and future and much more.

The Soul is situated in the Soul Center the Spiritual Vortex in your chest.  The Soul has many facets it is marvellous to experience the unwrapping of our gifts, talents, skills and potential.  Your potential is the maximum you should expect to achieve from yourself. Majority of people hardly reach their full potential to use their gifts.

The Soul prefers prayer to meditation.  As the Soul has to commune with God.  Daily connections through prayer with conversations throughout the day.  The Soul Magnifies the Lord God.  God projects the God Light through our Soul Spiritual Vortex out to the All.

Misleading Expressions used for the Soul

I have spent a long time analysing the words used to mislead or deliberate use of words and phrases are to create confusion by those who in their ignorance do not try to find the real meaning for themselves again another example of just repeating what others say.  This is why I say question everything.  A have given a brief explanation below:

  • Heart – is an organ which pumps blood throughout your body and the vibration of your soul makes your heart beat.  When your soul leaves your body you die and the heart stops pumping. Heart is an old expression and the heart is incapable of feeling emotions except pain if it was stabbed.
  • Intuition – is a knowing vibration which comes from the soul either indicating something is good or bad for you.  Intuition can be verbal too in the form of thoughts or audible words.  It varies from person to person dependent on how strongly they are connected to their soul.  In reality this is the Soul communicating using your thoughts. It is one of the many facets of the Soul.
  • Higher Self – this one amuses me.  Where do people think the soul is somewhere floating about above the head. The soul is definitely on a higher vibrational level than the mind, but not floating about your head that would be dangerous. Alternatively they could be referring to God, if so why not acknowledge the fact.
  • Inner Child – this makes people believe the soul is child like as we are conditioned to think all babies are pure. The soul is the clean part of us and the body is just a shell. The soul can be a new soul or an ancient one. The definition of Inner Child is incorrect too.   Many children are not innocent as they are evil from birth. How otherwise do you think they get here. I have seen many an underhanded two-year old it is their nature to be deceitful, sly and manipulate.  I would say we should connect to our Soul it is pure, knowledgeable and sees our environment clearly.  It removes all misconceptions and is objective. To connect to our truth and look with clarity.
  • Inner Being – something alien to you and difficult to reach.
  • Over Shadow – something that is situated near you and controlling you. Over shadowing usually is a person who is possessed or controlled  by a demon.
  • Gut feeling this is what bad and evil people experience and some try to call it intuition it is evil’s form of guidance from the demon within. Demons like to use pain.  Gut feeling is like knots or a queasy feeling in the stomach.

Good Soul’s Wrong Doings

It is the wrong doings a good soul has to cleanse i.e your behaviour or reactions to situations which were wrong.  Forgiving yourself for allowing evil to harm us, provoke you into doing wrong.

The following expressions have been incorporated into our conditioning to make evil acceptable and encourage good souls to feel guilty and they have evil within them too.

  • Shadow Self – this gives the impression good souls have a dark side which is untrue. Good souls have mistakes and wrong doings.
  • Dark Side – this is a demonic entity which often takes control of a person who has an evil entity within themselves attached or possessing them.
  • Evil Self – this is not within a good soul it is impossible to have an evil self.
  • Gut feeling is not intuition it is the evil entity within the person.  Therefore it is the evil person’s inner guidance. Pain in the gut.

Those who teach the acceptance of evil or darkness as part of a good soul’s being are either misinformed or they support evil and they are someone to be very wary of.

It is impossible for a good soul to be bad or evil.  The soul has been created to know the difference between good and evil.

© 2018  Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved.


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