Did you know Evil people steal your goodness and achievements ?

Soul Parts Stolen

Did you know Evil people steal your goodness, achievements and future?

I was shocked to find this out when I was in a discussion with a friend.  Unscrupulous people of the New Age, and it is unbelievable that so many gullible people just swallow it hook line and sinker.

Hey what about questioning the things you are involved in?

Gee have you no sense of what is right and wrong, good or evil.  You just want, want, want it so at any cost you will get it.

You can look at your own timeline and I know many methods of being able to do this for yourself only.   Our life is about improving ourselves nothing more.

Mind Control

 Who are doing this?

This is a shocking thing to happen to you and many do not realise this is being done. This is common with people who do Left Hand Path of Hermeticism with Qabalah or Kabbalah.  This is a very dark method of magic.  Some people will openly say they walk the Left Hand Path of the Tree of Life and they are telling you they do very bad magic.

Mind Control

Quantum Jumping

Quantum Jumping is relatively new practice a few years old.  This form of “Spiritual Work” is being advocated by the New Age Arena.

In principle Quantum Jumping is all right when used to recall soul attributes from your past lives this is a positive action, but if you know how to work properly with your soul you do not need to do this because your soul knows what skills you require and will bring them to the fore as and when required.

Quantum Jumping this is a movement that encourages people or tells them they have the right to take bits of people’s souls or time-lines.  It is so easy to do.  You do not even have to give them permission to access you on a spiritual level.  People will just do it after all why should they have to work at anything or achieve when they can just take it.

The part of Quantum Jumping one practitioner stated they were going to play golf and they wanted to ensure they either won or played better than normal so they took some of the potential from a renowned Golfer.  The practitioner thought this so funny.

This meant they took part of the renowned golfer’s soul and life line to blend into their own to gain the extra ability.

This is a very bad even evil thing to do.

Mind Control

Who has the right to take parts or bits of other people’s souls or life line?

The victim has earned the right to have this potential in whatever skills they hold.  God  the creator gave them these gifts and they have had to work very hard to be given the gifts.

It is so in keeping with people’s thinking today that it is all right to take what you want just because you can.

Mind Control

Can they replace your skills with their own failures?

Some thieves take it one step further which is more evil, not only do they take part of the soul or timeline from another person but they also replace what they have taken with their own crap.  I have had his done to me and when the reality kicks into your life it is bewildering.

Mind Control

More to the point what else can they do.

I am very wary of people who do Astral Projection for one they are traveling in one of the most negative and dangerous planes and to be able to do this without being harmed they must be quite bad or evil.

I am also very wary of people who do meditation especially those who spend all day in the Astral Plane and I have met people who do this.

The Astral Plane is deceptive, illusionary, delusionary and addictive.

Once these unscrupulous people have accessed the key of being able to read a person’s timeline the possibilities of changes are unlimited from changing your health, taking your luck, removing your financial stability, pinching some of your appearance or changing how you look, removing your success, putting blocks into your life and just take some of what you are good at for themselves.

It does not mean everything that goes wrong in your life is as a result of these practices, nor does it mean you are being attacked by someone,  but  you will notice quick changes or major obstacles which come into your life which seem insurmountable.  If you are putting effort into a good change for you there should be results and progress not hitting brick walls constantly.  You should get redirections for improvements or see an opportunity which will be more suited to you.

People who are more susceptible to these attacks are usually those who follow the New Age, Mind Body and Spirit circuits, if you have Clairvoyant Readings or participate in New Age Events.

Mind Control

Why and how does it happen?

When you have a Clairvoyant Reading knowingly or unknowingly you give permission to that person to access you and dependent on the abilities of the Clairvoyant as to how many spiritual bodies they can access  if you going for a Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings – you must ensure just prior to having a reading that you give permission to access you and restrict anything you do not wish them to see.  At the end of each reading you must remove the permission so they can no longer access you.  I did not do this and I kept wondering why I got thoughts to keep going for readings with certain Clairvoyants. This is just a simple example but otherwise you have left them with access to your life.

Clairvoyants are not the only ones who can do this, many who practice bad magic are able to do this, so it could be anyone who is jealous of your achievements, appearance or your future goals.

Subtleness of New Age Functions

When you attend functions organised by “New Age” and you are invited to meditate or open yourself up in a room full of unknown people so dangerous.  Some people go with the only purpose to attack the unsuspecting.  Often these sessions will have “watchers”. Exactly what are they looking for?  Some genuine ones will be looking for those in distress.

Why are attendees feeling distressed this is usually from being attacked and really the watchers are not so adept.

I refuse to attend these functions or be involved in group meditations or work.  I work alone in my own environment where I know I am safe and I can learn what I am meant to learn.  The big upside it is free when you work with God. I keep my socialising separate.

Following the Masses

I understand why people go to these functions most due to being lonely and hoping to meet like-minded people.  I only met trouble.  I learned a lot through my observations of these groups and always kept to my own thinking. There are so many harmful practices being “sold” on the “New Age” market.

The sad part of it all, people follow blindly they swallow hook line and sinker without question.

It is power for the course!

I have sat and watched people at functions almost writing verbatim the words of the speaker believing it to be the truth.  I used to argue with the people who organised functions for allowing harmful people to give talks and demonstrations to people who were just stepping out on to the Spiritual Path.  The responses I received it is all power for the course.  Yes, much of it I am sure they could do without.  All they are interested in is of course self-power and money which they earned from these events.

Mind Control

It is Damning!

Just remember this stealing parts of another’s soul or timeline is damning no matter what your selfish reasons.  Damning means God will Damn you for your selfish actions.

Just because something has become fashionable does not mean it is good and that you should do because everyone else is doing this.  Note this ! YOU are Psychic Attacking other people and stealing their lives.

Sitting there blithely accepting the dross being fed to you is not wise, being like a muppet bouncing along with the new craze is dangerous.

Question everything thoroughly.

Would you like someone to do this to you!

Blessings to everyone view others and yourself with God’s Love and stop all the selfish behaviour. I hope this has given you some help in understanding this very bad practice. Now you may understand when someone tells you have lost soul or spiritual body parts.

© 2015 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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