Mirroring is one of the New Age expressions to try and bring everyone together and on one level.

There is not one Good Soul who mirrors another as all Good Souls are unique, therefore, there is nothing within them that is a reflection of another person.  This is just impossible.  We are unable to reflect the bad and evil actions back to those people.

Mirroring is an evil term to make everyone think we can see ourselves within other people.  The side of ourselves we do not like is reflected back from another bad or evil person.  Impossible! We are aware, all to often of our mistakes and the right time to release our mistakes comes naturally into being.

When I look at someone who is bad or evil I can clearly see them and I feel their repugnance.  I am not looking at a mirror image of myself. I am looking clearly at them.  Even more so now as the veils on evil are lifting. It is like eweeee, it is too much.

As an Empath when I look at bad or evil people and they do not like me it has nothing to do with me reflecting their inner being back to them which is a demon created by the Lord of Darkness not God.  It is a natural occurence between Good and evil we immediately do not like each other.

Bad people feel uncomfortable facing a Good Soul as the God Light within the Good Soul is like a torch-light shining on all the dark areas within them.  They can no longer hide from people.  Evil on the other hand really do not care.

I will write an example of what mirroring is about and you tell me if the New Age Theory is valid.

There is a child which has been murdered by a Paedophile.
Does this mean the reason why the child was murder by a Paedophile was because the child was mirroring something in the Paedophile?

Does this mean when the parents of the murdered child look at the Paedophile they too are mirrors of this evil creature?


Paedophiles are evil and they hunt young good souls. There is no similarity whatsoever. No mirroring.  The children become a human sacrifices.

I think this is a clear and simple example of what mirroring is all about.

Evil is evil and they try every possible way to be accepted as good, they are subtle.  So beware of the New Age Mirroring they are evil and wanting to hide evil by accusing you of  mirroring/looking at yourself when you see one of their disgusting creatures.  They want you to feel guilty always pushing the blame out onto innocent good souls causing confusion and chaos. This is their mission.

There is a big difference between mirroring and those who emulate or copy posturing of others.  Mirroring is New Age Dogma.  People who are affected emulate or copy posturing of others.

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