Jealousy is an Evil Emotion


Jealousy is a natural emotion within bad or evil people it is part of their entity or inner being and they use it in the most destructive ways to harm their victims.  They revel in the misfortune of other people this gives them a high in energy.  They will go to any length or extreme to feed and satisfy this evil emotion.  It is enhanced by demons, the demons overshadow them as they give support, energy and fuel the ideas of the bad or evil person.

Jealous people are always looking for victims to bring down and sneer at.  They revel in spite, nastiness targeting their victims with such ferocity.  They plot and plan their attacks on the unsuspecting victim and encourage their followers to join in the attack.

Jealousy is part of Sociopathic and Psychopathic behaviour. The latter is more vicious often work alone they enjoy destroying, tearing down innocent people, good people are their main targets.

Remember this there is no limit on how low these people will go.  I have experienced and seen it happen first hand.

Many people are accused of being jealous when actually it is a form of confusion in not understand how life is panning out.  Especially when they see bad and evil people being rewarded in their life.  No matter how hard the good person tries to turn their life around to achieve it does not seem to happen.

If you get jealous, well, that says a lot about you.

If you find it hard to understand why you are by-passed and see everything being given to the bad and evil people this is just confusion of the unfairness in life.  You are not jealous the analysis and logic of the situation simply does not make sense.

Try to be happy for other good people when they achieve they have really worked hard to get there.  The more you appreciate other people the more you will receive.  Sometimes the word patience out does its welcome.

Life seems to be on the turn around and karma is starting to do pay back.  This is well overdue.

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Simply be you, live your life simply




10 thoughts on “Jealousy is an Evil Emotion

  1. themoonlightreverie says:

    I was once told by someone really experienced, that jealousy too is a form of appreciation !
    and that left an impact on me, and changed my whole perspective of both being jealous or being the victim of jealousy !
    I really liked this post !

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      • themoonlightreverie says:

        I absolutely agree with you, however converting jealousy into a form of admiration is another way of looking at it, which i tried after it was pointed out to me, and it helped understanding why someone acts a certain way !
        And we all are trying, and in that trial there are some errors that occur, important thing is the acceptance in the heart of your flaws and a commitment with own self to keep on working on it every single day !
        Thank you so much for sharing this post and also such beautiful thoughts !

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      • The Type-writer says:

        Yes.. but no worries.. forget and ignore judgements and accusations.. they pull us down.. we all have to stay with them, as long as we live.. better we feel good about them, as they prove that we are aggressing ahead, who are we..?!! Even the godly souls went through those negative vibes..!! ..Keep spreading the good and positive vibes for the betterment of the blessed souls.. their count may be less, but they are the permanent ones, will never leave..
        Thanks for sharing this.. 😇😇

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