Jesus’ Baptism Site

The Baptism Site in R

The visit to Jordan was an unplanned and very rushed visit.  I had to like so many foreigners living in Egypt had to leave the country to renew my visa this was a new requirement.  I was stressed out to my limits.  I had to leave my two cats for a whole day unattended though I left plenty of food and water plus one tap on slow so they had fresh water to drink.  We had never been apart from the day I got them.  This was making me feel ill plus the rigmarole with the visa.  I had four days to get out of the country with a 24 hour minimum time out of Egypt.

I booked a late flight to Amman in Jordan the nearest  airport and quickest flight which is about an hour from Cairo.   I had reserved my hotel room in Amman.  As usual I fly with EgyptAir they offer a very good in-flight service, but on this occasion the food was poor and picked at bits of the meal.  On arrival I looked for a taxi to go to the hotel and the Tourist service desk checked the hotel for me and they did not answer the phone.  The Tourist Desk Assistant quickly booked me into another hotel and brought me a taxi. This was the beginning of my mystery tour.  I had no idea where I was going I was so stressed I just went with the flow.

Amman the city is so clean with a road network very similar to the UK everything was so well planned out and traffic flowed easily.  It was night and I could only see the what the street lights showed.  I could feel the peace slowly flowing over me.

The hotel was small, very clean and no restaurant I checked in and booked breakfast and also booked the taxi driver to collect me in the morning to do some kind of tour again no planning so I had no ideas.  I soon settled down to sleep the peace in this city was amazing when you consider the countries Jordan shares borders with.. see map below

map_of_jordan - Copy

My magical mystery tour commenced with the early morning call to prayer, Fajr.  The Muezzin’s voice was heavenly.  I could not have asked for a more beautiful wake-up call his voice just floated across the morning air.

Amman Hotel View

Hotel View in Amman

I was brought a large scrumptious breakfast, with freshly cooked pita bread, homemade Tahini, olive oil swirled on the Tahini, my favourite jam – apricot and a pot of black coffee great start to the day.  I was very hungry and I ate everything as I did not know where I could buy food.  I gathered my luggage and went to reception and Mohamed the Taxi Driver was waiting ready to take me on my mystery tour. 

Mohamed asked where would I like to go, I said I have no idea as I had no time to plan the trip.  I will leave it up to you Mohamed.  First Mohamed took me to Al Maghtas an ancient Roman City.  (I will have to write about this in another post.)  As we drove along the peacefulness of Jordan was so strong.  I could not get over the vibrations. Mohamed  drove on to Jerash this was a mystery to me, Mohamed did not tell me and it was a surprise when I arrived at Jesus’s Baptism place and the Ministry of John the Baptist. I had to buy a ticket for the tour and slowly many different nationalities arrived to take a small bus to the site.   

On the bus a young woman from Kenya asked me to sit with her and I happily joined her for we were both alone on the tour.  I enjoyed her company chatting with her.  Catherine’s employer had driven her there on her day off.  Catherine worked of a Muslim family and took care of her employer, very kind man.

We arrived at the Palestine Border there was no evidence of it being a border no guards nothing.  We were now in Palestine.  We alighted the bus and continued on foot.  In the distance in Palestine were Greek Orthodox Churches for Saint George.

Orthodox Churches

Greek Orthodox Churches for Saint George

One very old Church which was built on the ruin of an Ancient Roman Temple and a new modern Church in the foreground.

We walked along to the Baptism site the peacefulness was so amazing for me it was just what I needed.



The Original Baptism Site for the Ministries of John the Baptist

The route to be taken

To the Old Baptism Site

The place where Jesus was Baptised by John the Baptist.


Stunning artwork all along the walk.

We walked further along the path to reach the new Baptism site for tourists.


The Palestinian side maintained the rustic theme throughout.  The opposite side of the river is Israel it was very commercial.

To the delight of Catherine there was a group from Kenya she could hear them singing well know praises it brought tears to her eyes and we both sat and listened to the group sing as they were overawed with the experience.  They had been allowed to fully immerse in the river.

Many from our group were washing their hands and feet in the river some rinsing their heads and faces.  I just wanted to go under completely in the river, this feeling was very strong.  I was not prepared for this at all.  I did what I could do and that was walk down the stairs to the edge of the river I washed my hands then my face and poured water over my hair.  I felt some relief but as I said I was over stressed at the whole trip.  The peace started to flow over me.  Catherine was struggling with the desire to do the same I said go down those stairs and do like I did, she was pleased she had made the effort.  Neither of us were dressed for such an occasion.


My guardian cat as always at the Baptism Site

On the return walk we visited the new Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George it was very beautiful.  We were still in Palestine.



Interior of Greek Orthodox Church of St George



It was time to return back to reception and our patiently waiting drivers.

On the way back Catherine noticed our hands, she said look at our hands and faces they were shining and glistening, so smooth and soft.  This was proof of the power of  Jesus’s Baptism site and the place of John the Baptist’s Ministry.  It was a profound experience, it is a special place which has maintained its power over time without changing.

I definite had a shift within me on every level my life from this day forward started to change.  The closer I got back to my Christian roots the more harmonious my life became.

Back at reception I walked with Catherine to meet her employer and he was a very kind man.  Mohamed was waiting for me ready to take me back to the airport for my return flight.

This day was the first of peace and happiness and it was due to Catherine and Mohamed they made it special.  It was just what I needed, I knew God had orchestrated it for me as I could only go with the flow, no other choices.  I am forever grateful for this day.

Jordan is a special place so full of peace.  I recommend to visit.  I hope to return again with more time to travel around and visit the Baptism Site on the Palestinian side the energy was profoundly peaceful and life changing.

The photos were taken with my phone camera, I fail to get this camera to function properly, I prefer a real camera.  Excuse the quality of the photos.

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  1. Jerry Peri says:

    Never knew/thought that the baptism site of the Lord Jesus has supernatural powers, but it is obvious!
    Thanks for this beautiful post, makes me want to visit!

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