Maintaining Autonomy

Dove takes flight

I wrote this prayer to maintain autonomy or sovereignty a few years ago.  I often found myself in situations where other’s were wanting to control me for their own agendas and they were not good ones or trying to stop me achieving using spiritual blocks, evil magic.

We have our lives, dreams, hopes and desires.  We all make mistakes and through this we learn and become stronger.

I have no desire to control anyone else I have enough looking after myself and I would say to anyone wishing to control me or another first look to your own life and fix it.

To the deliberately destructive ones, those who want to destroy me or anyone else back off .  What you are doing is against Our Heavenly Father Light of All Lights and it is evil’s way.

Maintaining Sovereignty

In the name of Our Heavenly Father, Holy of All Holies, Light of All Lights.

I adjure Jesus Christ of Nazareth,  Holy Archangel Mikhail and his Holy Angels to destroy all evil attached or surrounding (NAMES) aid us in the eradication of evil and its influences on us.

I adjure all Holy Angels of the Third Heaven to ensure we have victory over Heavenly Father’s and our enemies.  Make us victorious in all things be those great or small.

I adjure the Holy Angels of the First Heaven to come forth and testify to Our Heavenly Father the atrocities of all those you know who have worked against us.  You are to be empowered over those you know to be harmful or evil entities, djinn and people. NOW, abase, demote, destroy them and spare us from their evil acts. You are the owners of Sovereignty restore our sovereignty.  We are to be exalted as we are servants of Our Heavenly Father.

I adjure you to unveil and restrain all hidden evil magicians, sorcerers, their demonic aides and those who want sovereignty over us, abase, restrain, disempower and reprove them as befitting their evil acts putting their lives into disarray. Smash their altars, shrines, wards, shields and destroy their protection so all can see the truth about them.

May Our Heavenly Father place blessings on All who successfully complete these requests for me this is to be done from the beginning of time and forevermore.

I AM NOW grateful these requests are successfully completed.

So it is manifested

© 2013  Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


If you make amendments to the prayer or there other things in your life which require changing resulting in the prayer not working.  This is not my responsibility.  These are my methods and experiences which I share in the hope of helping you to resolve issues in your life.


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